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North Carolina Dredging Company Accused of Dumping Waste in Chesapeake Bay

A federal grand jury has indicted a North Carolina marine company and its president for allegedly dumping tons of sandy wastes into the Chesapeake Bay near Tangier Island, instead of pumping the materials onto an eroding beach to restore it. >> Read the Full Article

Don't Panic About Soybean Rust, Mississippi Officials Say

Despite news earlier this week that Asian soybean rust has been found in Mississippi, agriculture officials say area farmers should stay calm. >> Read the Full Article

CEO of Columbia, Md.-based Chemical Company Resigns

Paul Norris, who presided over W.R. Grace & Co.'s move from Florida to Maryland and steered it into bankruptcy protection in the face of thousands of asbestos injury lawsuits, will step down as chief executive of the Columbia-based maker of chemicals and building materials in May, the company announced yesterday. >> Read the Full Article

Report on Hydrogen-Fuel Pollution Takes Aim at California Governor's Plans

A report issued Thursday by a Libertarian think tank seeks to debunk Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger's plans for a "hydrogen highway," by claiming hydrogen-fueled vehicles will make little difference in reducing harmful emissions. >> Read the Full Article

Northern Spotted Owl to Stay on Threatened Species List, but Isn't Endangered, Government Says

The northern spotted owl, the bird at the center of the Pacific Northwest logging wars, will stay on the threatened species list, the government said Thursday. >> Read the Full Article

California Air Regulators Set Tougher Fuel Standards for Watercraft, Railroads

Entering an area of pollution regulation that had been solely the federal government's job, California regulators Thursday set fuel standards for watercraft and locomotives that will be broader and will take effect sooner than impending federal rules. >> Read the Full Article

Ethanol Plant Would Run on Methane Produced from Cattle Manure

A proposed ethanol plant near Mead, Neb., would use manure from a cattle feedlot to generate the energy needed to make the corn-based fuel. >> Read the Full Article

Less than 30 Chinese Tigers Left in Wild, According to Xinhua News Agency

South China tigers, among the rarest of the five remaining tiger subspecies, are on the verge of extinction in the wild with less than 30 remaining, Xinhua news agency said on Friday, citing a recent survey. >> Read the Full Article

NASA to Donate Satellite Data to Aid Endangered Species

While NASA is best known for putting a man on the moon, the U.S. space agency will now help keep plant and animal species on Earth. >> Read the Full Article

Vietnam, Laos Agree to Cross-Border Wildlife Protection

Vietnam and Laos signed an agreement Friday to promote wildlife protection along their border, especially in vital areas where endangered species are in peril. >> Read the Full Article