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Federal Plan Would Cut Back Bull Trout Habitat

A recovery plan being finalized this week would sharply reduce the amount of federally designated critical habitat for the threatened bull trout in three Western states and eliminate federal requirements for such habitat in Montana. >> Read the Full Article

Acid Rain Pollution Rose 4 Percent in 2003

Emissions of sulfur dioxide, which causes acid rain, rose 4 percent in 2003, but probably will not compromise long-term air quality goals according to a study by the Environmental Protection Agency. >> Read the Full Article

Deadly Floods in Haiti Blamed on Deforestation, Poverty

The torrents of water that raged down upon Haiti, killing more people than in all other hurricanes this year, are testimony to a human-made ecological disaster fed by poverty that has transformed once-verdant hills into a moonscape of bedrock ravaged by ravines. >> Read the Full Article

Saving Water Cuts Energy Use, Says Report

As California's electricity demand sets record highs and the southwest United States is parched by drought, a new report shows the hidden connection between two scarce resources: energy and water. The report's authors say that saving water is an untapped way to also save energy and even to keep the lights on when the electric grid is strained during hot summer months. >> Read the Full Article

Rival Technologies Vie for 'Green' Car of Tomorrow

Carmakers are presenting new-age automobiles at the Paris car show this week that could give much-hyped fuel cells a run for their money in the coming market for vehicles that do less damage to the environment. >> Read the Full Article

Russian Border Guards Fire On, Seize Taiwanese Trawler Allegedly Fishing in Russian Waters

A Russian helicopter fired missiles at a Taiwanese fishing trawler, and the coast guard seized the vessel and its crew after the boat was allegedly caught in Russian territorial waters with hundreds of tons of illegally culled fish, Russian state television reports. >> Read the Full Article

Russian Ministries Start Agreeing to Kyoto Approval

At least one Russian ministry has signed letters agreeing to Moscow's approval of the Kyoto Protocol, a spokesman said, in what could be a final step in the lengthy tussle to bring the global pact into force. >> Read the Full Article

Indonesian Police Detain American Mine Employee Over Pollution

JAKARTA, Indonesia — Indonesian police arrested an American executive of a U.S.-based mining company and three local staff over the alleged contamination of a bay in eastern Indonesia, a company spokesman said. >> Read the Full Article

Study Estimates Two-Thirds of Caribbean Coral Reefs Threatened

About two-thirds of coral reefs in the Caribbean are threatened by pressures ranging from pollution to overfishing and urgently need better protection, a U.S.-based environmental research group says in a new study. >> Read the Full Article

Southern Africa Faces Food, Water Crises - Study

Southern Africa faces major challenges to feed its swelling populations and to keep its wells from running dry, a new study shows. >> Read the Full Article