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Reading Winds, Waves May Have Saved Ancient Tribes on Remote Indian Islands

Two days after a tsunami thrashed the island where his ancestors have lived for tens of thousands of years, a lone tribesman stood naked on the beach and looked up at a hovering coast guard helicopter. He then took out his bow and shot an arrow toward the rescue chopper. >> Read the Full Article

Once-Hated Gray Wolf Thrives in the US Rockies

As the gray wolf hovered on the brink of extinction a decade ago, U.S. officials embarked on a controversial plan to open the vast refuge of Yellowstone National Park to the pack-based predators in the hopes of rebuilding the species. >> Read the Full Article

Fort Worth, Texas, Approves Natural-Gas Drilling Under Parks

Drilling for natural gas could begin this summer under three city-owned parks under an agreement between the city and a Dallas-based oil and gas company. >> Read the Full Article

Electric Vehicle Converts Happy to Avoid Pumps, Accept Cars' Limitations

When Ted Lowe tallies how much he has shelled out for gasoline this year, he gets a knot in his stomach. >> Read the Full Article

Thai Dolphin Rescue Hits Snag as Rescuers Bicker

Rescuers failed for a second day to save two rare dolphins in tsunami-hit Thailand on Tuesday after a local official and environmentalists argued about how best to save the mammals swept inland by the giant waves. >> Read the Full Article

Florida Homeowner and Island Officials Locked in Turf War over Plastic Lawn

A homeowner and officials of this wealthy island community are locked in a turf war -- an artificial turf war. >> Read the Full Article

Jimmy Carter Urged to Give Fish a Chance

A prominent U.S.-based animal rights group urged former President Jimmy Carter Monday to give up fishing on the grounds that the activity was inconsistent the Nobel peace laureate's humanitarian efforts. >> Read the Full Article

All We are is Farms in the Wind: Umbra Opines on Wind Farms

Wind turbines have been getting a bum rap in certain circles of late, for grinding up birds and such. Do the critics have a point, asks a concerned reader, or are they just NIMBY whiners who should be grateful for the spread of a clean, green form of energy? The ever-sagacious Umbra Fisk weighs in -- today on the Grist Magazine website. >> Read the Full Article

Rats Killed and Tons of Waste Removed in Rare Cleanup of Kenya's Main Market

Workers at Kenya's main market killed some 6,000 rats, trucked away 750 tons (680 metric tons) of garbage and sucked 70 tons (64 metric tons) of human waste out of latrines in three days of the first major cleanup of the market in 30 years, an official said. >> Read the Full Article

Carolinas Work to Make Coastal Protection Plans' Recommendations Reality

The Carolinas are starting the new year with expanded blueprints for protecting their coastal environments and the billions of dollars in revenue from fisheries and tourism that come along with it. >> Read the Full Article