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Endangered Ferrets Make Comeback in Arizona

Endangered black-footed ferrets are reproducing more and surviving longer in the wild in Arizona than they have since recovery efforts began nearly a decade ago, wildlife biologists say. >> Read the Full Article

Military Says Quake Destroyed Three-Quarters of Sumatra's Western Coastline

From Indonesia to India, workers rushed to bury corpses to ward off disease Wednesday as cargo planes touched down with promised aid -- from lentils to water purifiers -- to help the region cope with its tsunami catastrophe. The death toll across Asia and Africa soared to nearly 68,000. >> Read the Full Article

Tsunami Swallows Most of Southern Sri Lanka Town

his story is datelined Hambantota, Wednesday, but in reality most of the town doesn't exist anymore. Situated on a narrow strip of land on Sri Lanka's south coast, it fronted the Indian Ocean, while to the rear lay a big lagoon -- partly mangrove and partly reclaimed for salt farming. >> Read the Full Article

Texas Panel Finishes Energy Blueprint

The Texas Energy Planning Council has created a blueprint its members believe will ensure the state remains the nation's leading energy producer. >> Read the Full Article

Villagers Drop Suit Against Denver-Based Mining Firm

Indonesian villagers agreed to drop a $543 million lawsuit against PT Newmont Minahasa Raya, a subsidiary of Denver's Newmont Mining Corp., after alleging that mercury waste from the company's Minahasa gold mine polluted Buyat Bay and sickened residents. >> Read the Full Article

Groups Say EPA Sewage Plan Stinks

For many years, operators of America's aging, overworked sewer systems have dumped partially treated sewage into rivers and bays. >> Read the Full Article

Oil-Spill Cleanup Makes Progress on Mexican Beaches, but Pollution Persists

Mexican state oil monopoly Petroleos Mexicanos on Monday announced it had recovered about two-thirds of the estimated 5,000-barrels of oil that spilled last week into a river feeding the Gulf of Mexico. >> Read the Full Article

Indonesian Villagers Drop US$543 Million Lawsuit against Newmont

Indonesian villagers agreed to drop a US$543 million lawsuit (euro398 million) against Newmont Mining Corp., which was accused of polluting a bay that sickened villagers, lawyers for both sides said Tuesday. >> Read the Full Article

Dredging Helps Save Florida's Lake Panasoffkee from Itself

A 50-foot dredge being outfitted on the eastern shore of this 4,800-acre lake is an unlikely time machine. The hulking assembly of welded steel plates, cables and a pair of mufflers taller than a house could return Lake Panasoffkee to its near pristine condition from when Theodore Roosevelt was president. >> Read the Full Article

Thai Fishery Industry Fears Tsunami Threat to Coral Reefs, Biodiversity

Damage to coral reefs and changes in sand layers as a result of the tidal waves on Sunday has raised concern about marine biodiversity among local fishermen, as Thai waters might no longer be a rich natural resource for certain species. >> Read the Full Article