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Overfishing Drives African Bushmeat Appetite and Other Stories

In years when fish catches are low, people in the West African state of Ghana turn to bushmeat to fill their stomachs. The new study, by Justin Brashears of the University of California, Berkeley, and colleagues, is based on 30 years of data collected on the trade in wildlife meat and marine fish catches. >> Read the Full Article

Soy Story: On the Environmental Impacts of Soy

Umbra answers a reader’s question on the environmental impacts of soy farming and production. Turns out you probably eat considerably more soy than you even know about, and it's probably genetically modified and heavily doused with herbicides. Today in Grist: Is soy eco friendly? >> Read the Full Article

Judge Rules Against Elmore, Ohio, Workers in Toxic Beryllium Dust Case

In a victory for Brush Wellman, the Ohio Supreme Court ruled yesterday that up to 7,000 contract workers who may have been exposed to unsafe levels of toxic beryllium dust at the company's plant near Elmore cannot file a class-action lawsuit against the firm. >> Read the Full Article

Environmental Group Sues Over Relaxed Oil Drilling Rules

The Bush administration was accused Wednesday of buckling under pressure from Houston-based Davis Brothers Inc. when it changed rules for directional drilling of oil and gas reserves under Big Thicket and other national parks. >> Read the Full Article

Scientists Tie High Ozone Levels to Early Death

After reviewing more than a decade of air quality reports and medical records, a team of scientists says it has linked ozone to premature death. >> Read the Full Article

Wiscasset, Maine, Project Seeks to Produce Fuel Cells for Electricity

The Chewonki Foundation has started construction on a $240,000 demonstration project designed to use renewable energy to generate hydrogen and power fuel cells for electricity production. >> Read the Full Article

Solar Homes Win City Council Approval in Gilroy, Calif.

A project to construct Gilroy's first solar-powered homes received final approval from city council Monday night. >> Read the Full Article

Honda to Lease 2 Fuel-Cell Vehicles to State of New York

American Honda Motor Co. said Tuesday it has signed a contract with the state of New York for leasing two hydrogen-powered fuel-cell vehicles for two years. >> Read the Full Article

Rogue Valley of Oregon tops Organic Food Manufacturer's Expansion Wish List

It appears the Rogue Valley has won the tug-of-war for the expansion of Amy's Kitchen, a rapidly growing Santa Rosa, Calif., organic food manufacturer with $200 million in sales. >> Read the Full Article

Texas Officials Wary of Plan to Hunt by Internet

Hunters soon may be able to sit at their computers and blast away at animals on a Texas ranch via the Internet, a prospect that has state wildlife officials up in arms. >> Read the Full Article