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Xcel Energy to Begin Reviewing Wind-Power Project Solicitations

Xcel Energy said Wednesday it is reviewing bids for 17 new wind-power projects to get a head start on the renewable-energy mandate passed by Colorado voters. >> Read the Full Article

E.U. Extends Euro200 Million Loan to Fund Syrian Natural Gas Power Plant

The European Union on Wednesday granted a loan of euro200 million (US$255 million) for a natural gas-fired power plant in Syria, the largest E.U. financing ever extended to the Mideast nation. >> Read the Full Article

U.N. Nuke Report on Iran May Weaken U.S. Case, Say Diplomats

A new report on U.N. nuclear inspections in Iran may be worded in a way that undermines the U.S. case for reporting Tehran to the Security Council this month, diplomats said on Wednesday. >> Read the Full Article

E.U. to Send Euro6.2 Million (US$7.9 Million) in Humanitarian Aid to North Korea

The European Union's head office said Wednesday it would send a euro6.2 million (US$7.9 million) humanitarian aid package to North Korea. >> Read the Full Article

Scientists Intrigued by Dead Whale Washed Up on Beach in Eastern Australia

The body of a whale resembling a giant dolphin that washed up on an eastern Australian beach has intrigued local scientists, who agreed Wednesday that it is rare but are not sure just how rare. >> Read the Full Article

Iraq Tops Bush's Agenda, but Economy Also Will Need His Focus

President Bush heads into his second term with the stabilization of Iraq under a democratic government as his top policy goal. But he also has unfinished domestic business, including making his sweeping tax cuts permanent, reforming Social Security, and promoting energy production. >> Read the Full Article

California Group Sues Wind Companies Over Bird Deaths

A California environmental group has sued to force the operators of one of North America's largest windmill farms to take steps to reduce the number of birds killed in the turbines' propellers, court papers showed this week. >> Read the Full Article

France Suspends Hunting to Save Orphaned Bear Cub

France suspended hunting in the western Pyrenees on Wednesday to save a bear cub orphaned when his mother, the last female bear native to the region, was killed by hunters earlier this week. >> Read the Full Article

Bush Is Likely to Renew Push for Alaska Oil Drilling

n his second term, U.S. President George W. Bush is likely to stick to his plan to fill the nation's emergency crude oil stockpile and may find more Congressional allies to open an Alaskan wildlife refuge to oil drilling, energy experts said. >> Read the Full Article

New Hybrid Cars Drive American Motorists Wild

Hollywood lawyer John Kelner has owned a BMW, Lexus and even a Maserati, but his current car of choice is a gas-and electric-powered Toyota Prius that cost $27,000. >> Read the Full Article