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Carbon to Blame for Pollution Heart Damage, Study Says

Air pollution clearly causes immediate damage to the heart, including heart attacks, but its short-term effects on asthma and other respiratory symptoms are harder to document, U.S. researchers said Wednesday. >> Read the Full Article

Southern Chinese Province Must Curb Car Use to Reduce Pollution in Hong Kong, Environmental Chief Says

Authorities must control the growing number of cars in China's southern province of Guangdong to reduce air pollution in neighboring Hong Kong, the territory's environmental secretary said Thursday. >> Read the Full Article

Brazil Amazon Deforestation Jumps, Data Shows

An area of Amazon jungle larger than the U.S. state of New Jersey has been destroyed this year and work on a new highway is mainly to blame, environmental group Friends of the Earth and the government said Wednesday. >> Read the Full Article

ENN Publisher Jerry Kay Chats with Joe Sibilia, Founder and CEO of Meadowbrook Lane Capital, and CEO of CSR Newswire

Joe Sibilia is founder and current CEO of Meadowbrook Lane Capital, a self-described socially responsible/sustainable investment bank specializing in turning values into valuation. >> Read the Full Article

Language in Spending Bill Raises Concern about Gas Terminal Approvals

A provision slipped with little notice into a massive spending bill may help the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission overcome local and state opposition in the approval of liquefied natural gas import terminals. >> Read the Full Article

Groups Alarmed Over Delta Water Plan

A proposed change in how the federal government measures water for fish in the Sacramento-San Joaquin river delta has environmental groups alarmed and California officials concerned about potential harm to wildlife habitat. >> Read the Full Article

Ancient Angola Elephant Route to be Demined

An ancient but now lethal migration route for elephants is to be demined in Angola, paving the way for swelling herds in neighbouring Botswana and Zambia to expand their range, the United Nations said on Thursday. >> Read the Full Article

Homing Pigeons Sense Magnetic Fields, and Other Stories

Homing pigeons can read the Earth's magnetic field, an ability that may help them find their way back to the roost. The findings, by Cordula Mora and colleagues at the University of Auckland, New Zealand, bolster the idea that the birds can map their locations by sensing subtle variations in the planet's magnetic fields, much the way people read map coordinates. >> Read the Full Article

Notes from Anna: Waiting for the Aurora

What do you do with short days and long evenings, once winter begins in the North? Now that December is here, I decided to search across America for new ways to discover beauty under scarce winter light. >> Read the Full Article

Urine Trouble: On Cat-Pee Stains and Dry Cleaning

Your (once-)beloved feline has urinated on your comforter, which is marked -- gasp! -- "dry clean only." All good enviros know that dry cleaning is a toxic affair, but then, all be-nosed persons know that cat pee isn't a smell one can simply live with. Today in Grist: Getting the cat-pee smell out of your washables. >> Read the Full Article