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Don't Be Fuelish!

The price of oil and gasoline recently rose to levels not seen since the 1970s. When prices rise at the pump, people respond by looking for ways to conserve gas and save money. >> Read the Full Article

China's Search For New Energy Sources

The demand for alternative fuels in China is driven by the Chinese government’s desire to reduce air pollution, particularly in urban centres, and reduce the country’s dependence on imported oil. Preparing to host the 2008 Olympics is also putting pressure on the Government of China to make the necessary investments. >> Read the Full Article

Cohousing Sets Sustainability Standard

Across North America, a growing number of cohousing neighborhoods are leading the move toward sustainable lifestyles. They are, according to research, driving 30 percent less than the rest of us, paying 50 percent less in utility bills and using 40 percent less water. >> Read the Full Article

Environmental Justice for All

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. says defending our environment must transcend political partisanship. >> Read the Full Article

Group Concerned about Legislation's Wording, its Affect on Energy Facilities

A public advocacy group founded by Ralph Nader is warning that language quietly added by Washington lawmakers last month to appropriations legislation endangers state and local influence on the siting of energy facilities within their borders, such as the $700-million floating natural gas terminal proposed for eastern Long Island Sound. >> Read the Full Article

Future Uncertain for Rare Hawaiian Bird

One of Earth's rarest birds might have gone into extinction following the death of one of the last known po'ouli. >> Read the Full Article

Decades of Illegal Logging Blamed for High Death Toll in Philippine Storm

President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo on Wednesday ordered the military and police to crack down on illegal logging, after flash floods and landslides triggered by rampant deforestation killed nearly 340 people this week. >> Read the Full Article

U.S. Virgin Island Fishermen Voice Concerns about Proposed Ban on Fishing of Several Species

Local fishermen met with federal regulators Tuesday night to discuss their concerns about proposed bans on the fishing of several popular species. >> Read the Full Article

Christmas Complaints Miss the Point

It started over a month ago -- even before Halloween. The television commercials, the flyers in the mail, the decorations in the mall. Christmas is now a two-month event -- one long blowout sale. >> Read the Full Article

Japanese Aid to Smaller Nations Coincides with Whaling Votes

The only whales seen in Nicaragua are the ones that wash up occasionally on the Pacific beaches. The country has no whaling fleet, no tradition of whaling and certainly no market for whale blubber. >> Read the Full Article