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Death Toll Rises to More Than 700 in Floods in Haiti; Officials Estimate 250,000 Homeless

U.N. peacekeepers fired into the air to keep a hungry crowd at bay Wednesday, as aid workers handed out bread, the first food in days for some in this city devastated by floods that have killed more than 700 people in Haiti. >> Read the Full Article

Interpol-Style Effort Needed Against "Wildlife Mafia"

Asia needs a new network akin to Interpol to fight a "wildlife mafia" and the illegal multi-billion dollar trade in animals and plants, environmentalists said this week. >> Read the Full Article

Claims for Gulf Environmental Damage Are Exorbitant, Says Iraq

Iraq accused Kuwait and other neighbors this week of inflating their already massive claims for environmental damage due to its 1990 invasion and the Gulf War. In a speech to the United Nations Compensation Commission (UNCC), Iraq's delegation called for at least $49 billion of the $82 billion in alleged environmental losses to be rejected. >> Read the Full Article

Coastal Villagers Told Not to Eat Shellfish After Toxic Algae Scare in Southern

An outbreak of a destructive algae that killed thousands of fish in the southern India state of Kerala is receding, but people have been told to avoid eating some shellfish as a precaution. >> Read the Full Article

Indonesian Police to Question Head of American Mine Over Pollution Claims

Indonesian police summoned the American director and two other foreign staffers of a U.S.-based mining company for questioning this week

over the alleged contamination of a bay in eastern Indonesia. >> Read the Full Article

In Europe's Car-Laden Cities, Appeals for Residents to Bike, Walk or Take the Train

Hundreds of European cities and towns restricted auto traffic Wednesday, part of the continent's annual campaign to lower air pollution by encouraging commuters to use public transportation, bicycles, or their feet instead of their cars. >> Read the Full Article

Coos County, Ore., settles environmental damage suit with Sierra Club

Coos County settled yet another claim Wednesday over environmental damage caused by construction of its taxpayer-funded $51 million natural gas pipeline. >> Read the Full Article

Coming Soon: Gene-Engineered Insects

Coming soon to a jungle near you: mosquitoes genetically engineered so they cannot give people malaria. But this time scientists want to do it right. >> Read the Full Article

Gene-Modified Grass Spreads Far, U.S. Study Finds

Genetically engineered grass developed for use on golf courses can spread its modified genes for miles, carried by ultra-light pollen particles, U.S. government researchers said this week. >> Read the Full Article