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Emissions Free Country

Iceland is conducting an experiment that may forever change how energy is supplied. Science, politics and the corporate world are working together here to make a break from our dependence on coal, oil and gas. In the future, this small island nation will get its energy from the H2 in H2O. The first steps have begun and in 25 years the world's first hydrogen economy may be a reality - clean, sustainable, endless. The world is watching closely, and these pioneering Vikings are confident it will follow their lead. >> Read the Full Article

TransCanada, Petro-Canada To Jointly Build Liquefied Gas Plant In Quebec

CALGARY — Two of Canada's biggest energy companies, TransCanada Corp. and Petro-Canada Inc., plan to build a liquefied natural gas plant in northeastern Quebec to meet North Americans' growing demand for the fuel. >> Read the Full Article

Lumber Mill Helps Employees With Housing-Finance Program

VANCOUVER, Washington — Bob and Sharon Lewis had long wondered how they could help employees at their Columbia Vista lumber mill become homeowners. Then, a guest speaker from national mortgage financier Fannie Mae explained how an employer-assisted housing finance program could work. >> Read the Full Article

Council Eyes Plans To Add More Downtown Housing

ESCONDIDO, California — City Council members took both tangible and conceptual action Wednesday to create more housing downtown. >> Read the Full Article

Building's Completion Puts Pressure On CD-Case Maker Infiniti

PADUCAH, Ky. — Saeed Yousefian admits he never thought Paducahans would meet his deadline of erecting a 100,000-square-foot building in time to start making plastic cases for compact discs, DVDs and other optical media to companies such as RCA and Sony. >> Read the Full Article

Judge Lifts Injunctions on Oregon Salvage Logging of Nation's Worst 2002 Wildfire

PORTLAND, Oregon — A federal judge has lifted injunctions that had temporarily barred salvage logging from the site of the nation's worst wildfire in 2002, but the legal battle is not yet over. >> Read the Full Article

AEP Plans to Build "Clean-Coal" Plant

COLUMBUS , Ohio — American Electric Power (AEP) said Tuesday it plans to build at least one "clean-coal" plant by 2010 in response to environmentalist and shareholder demands to release pollution-reduction plans. >> Read the Full Article

Appalachian Trail is Vulnerable to New Forest Rules, Environmental Group Claims

WASHINGTON — About one of every 13 miles of the Appalachian Trail between Maine and Georgia passes through national forests where a Bush administration plan could allow clear cutting of wooded areas, an environmental group said Tuesday. >> Read the Full Article

Japanese Government Challenges Court Order to Freeze Massive Land Reclamation Project

TOKYO — The government says it is challenging a district court ruling ordering it to halt a massive land reclamation project in southwestern Japan because it was damaging the environment. >> Read the Full Article

Klamath River Salmon Opponents Inch Toward Compromise

EUREKA, California — Two years after more than 35,000 salmon died on the Klamath River due to low water, the different groups fighting over the future of the area are inching toward a so-far elusive goal: compromise. >> Read the Full Article