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Middletown, Ohio, Steel Company Gets Grant to Meet Pollution Standards

AK Steel Corp. will receive $150,000 in an Ohio Business and Roadwork Development grant, the state said Monday. >> Read the Full Article

The Expanding Organic Grocery Scene

It's a great time to be an organic food shopper, whether you're new to organics or a veteran devotee. >> Read the Full Article

Number of Human-made Fires in Amazon Rain Forest Grows

The number of human-made fires is increasing in the Amazon rain forest on Indian reservations, in farming regions, and in so-called environmental protections areas, the federal environmental protection agency, Ibama, said recently. >> Read the Full Article

Officials Examine Oil Samples, Issue Subpoenas in Probe of Puget Sound Oil Spill

Scientists planned to examine oil samples and the Coast Guard issued subpoenas in an investigation into who caused at least 1,000 gallons of oil to spill in Puget Sound, officials said. >> Read the Full Article

Albania Is Building a New Dump to Store Dangerous Pesticides

The Albanian government is building a dump for the storage of thousands of tons of pesticides that have intoxicated a residential area near its western main port town, the Ministry of Environment said Monday. >> Read the Full Article

Jumbo Flying Squid Found Off Alaska Is First of the Species Recovered from British Columbia Waters

A large Humboldt squid caught offshore from Sitka is among numerous sightings of a species seen for the first time in waters of the Far North and the first of the species recovered from British Columbia waters. >> Read the Full Article

Puget Sound Oil-Spill Costs Surpass $1 million in Washington State

The cleanup bill for Thursday's South Sound oil spill now exceeds $1 million, and investigators still haven't figured out who's to blame. >> Read the Full Article

Order Allows Brazilian Farmers to Produce Genetically Modified Soy Just as Planting Starts

Brazil's president issued a controversial executive order allowing farmers to plant genetically modified soybeans, just as the planting season in the world's second-largest soy producer goes into high gear. >> Read the Full Article

American Indians Who Fish for Their Food Are Worried About Mercury in the Nation's Waters

American Indians are adding their voices to the controversy over mercury in the nation's waters, saying they are among the biggest consumers of fish and therefore more at risk from contamination. >> Read the Full Article

Washington State Voters to Wrestle with Future of Nation's Nuclear Waste

Supporters call an initiative on the Washington state ballot a no-brainer: bar the federal government from shipping nuclear waste to the Hanford nuclear site until all the existing waste there is cleaned up. >> Read the Full Article