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Death Toll Rises to 691 in Haiti; Hundreds Left Homeless

Blood swirled in knee-deep floodwaters as workers stacked bodies outside the hospital morgue Tuesday. Carcasses of pigs, goats, and dogs and pieces of smashed furniture floated in muddy streams that once were the streets of this battered city. >> Read the Full Article

House Bill Would Guarantee Pack Animal Access to Public Lands

Seeking to head off environmental groups that want to limit access to federal lands, House lawmakers won approval Tuesday of legislation to assure that people can continue to use pack and saddle animals in their visits to parks and wilderness areas. >> Read the Full Article

New York Judge Jails "Dangerous" Tiger Owner

A New York tiger owner was jailed recently for keeping his wild feline in his Harlem apartment by a judge who said he was too dangerous to be on the street. >> Read the Full Article

New program from utility Nevada Power to develop 'green' rates

Nevada Power Co. will be developing a proposal for "green" rates that allows customers to pay higher rates to support the use of alternate power sources, such as wind and solar energy. >> Read the Full Article

Residents' Lawsuit to Block Nuclear Fuel-Reprocessing Plant Reviewed by Japanese Court

An appeals court recently began reviewing a lawsuit filed by residents in northern Japan who are opposed to a government-backed program to reprocess radioactive waste at a plant nearby, a lawyer said. >> Read the Full Article

Environment Grabs Australian Election Focus

The fate of Australia's virgin forests and precious water resources won the attention of political leaders recently, as the environment emerged as a central issue ahead of the Oct. 9 federal election. >> Read the Full Article

South Africa and Namibia Seek to End Black Rhino Hunt Ban

Namibia and South Africa want to lift a ban on hunting the rare black rhino, a move certain to draw protests from conservationists who say the species is still recovering from decades of rampant poaching. >> Read the Full Article

Trade in a Further 15 Hazardous Chemicals Could Be Restricted, U.N. Says

Up to 15 hazardous chemicals, including several forms of asbestos, could be added this week to a list which restricts the trade of dangerous substances, U.N. officials said. >> Read the Full Article

Naturalists Struggle to Save Iran Cheetahs

Only 60 cheetahs are believed to remain in Iran, their numbers bludgeoned by hunting, road-building, and drought, say environmentalists who are battling to save them from extinction. >> Read the Full Article

Thousands of Fish Killed by Toxic Algae in Southern India

An outbreak of a destructive algae has killed thousands of fish in southern India, causing more than 90 children to fall ill because of the stench, officials said recently. >> Read the Full Article