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U.N. Agency to Study Environment in Iraq

Scientists will begin investigating environmental "hot spots" in Iraq as part of a long-term strategy to clean up the country after ten years of war and instability, the U.N. Environment Program said Tuesday. >> Read the Full Article

Despite improvements, Great Lakes plagued by pollution, international panel says

Despite improvements in recent decades, the Great Lakes remain a dumping ground for pollution ranging from livestock waste to mercury emissions, a U.S.-Canadian panel said Monday. >> Read the Full Article

ChevronTexaco sells share of Thai exploration block to Mitsui

An affiliate of U.S. oil company ChevronTexaco announced Monday it will sell a share of an offshore oil exploration block in the Gulf of Thailand to Japan's Mitsui Oil Exploration Co. >> Read the Full Article

FARM SCENE: Hydroponic sea oats grown in Florida Panhandle to save energy

Thousands of sea oats, so vital for preventing coastal erosion, are being raised in this rural Florida Panhandle community more than 30 miles from the nearest beach and without a speck of sand. >> Read the Full Article

Jefferson County, N.Y., Workshop Targets Potential Agriculture Entrepreneurs

Good business ideas may not grow on trees, but they may be growing in farmers' fields or being cultivated in north country milk houses.
That is the idea behind the upcoming "Harvest Your Ideas Workshop" provided by the Jefferson County Agricultural Development Corporation, Cornell Cooperative Extension of Jefferson County and the Small Business Development Center at Jefferson Community College.
Jay M. Matteson, Jefferson County agricultural coordinator, said his office frequently receives calls from potential entrepreneurs who have an idea for an agriculturally based business, but need help getting the business started. >> Read the Full Article

Plastics firm tries again for recycling plant in Kings County, CA

A pioneering plastics company will return to step one on its proposed Hanford project, a recycling plant that is both praised and criticized for its potential environmental impacts. >> Read the Full Article

Engineer Builds Robot That Walks on Water

It could be called a mechanical miracle — a robot that walks on water. >> Read the Full Article

Africa MegaFlyover: Michael Fay and the Human Footprint

Michael Fay is looking distinctly out of place in the lounge of a huge Westcliff Ridge house surrounded by beautiful objects of high Western culture. He's dressed in a slightly misshapen red sweater, khaki shorts, and sandals. It turns out he's been sleeping on the lawn. It's midwinter; this is Johannesburg, South Africa; and there are still traces of frost on the grass. >> Read the Full Article

Appeals Court Halts Logging in Forest Burned by 2002 Fire

A federal appeals court on Tuesday blocked logging of old-growth forest scorched in one of the nation's largest wildfires until a lawsuit brought by environmentalists is decided, making it unlikely the dead trees can be harvested before rotting. >> Read the Full Article

Emissions Free Country

Iceland is conducting an experiment that may forever change how energy is supplied. Science, politics and the corporate world are working together here to make a break from our dependence on coal, oil and gas. In the future, this small island nation will get its energy from the H2 in H2O. The first steps have begun and in 25 years the world's first hydrogen economy may be a reality - clean, sustainable, endless. The world is watching closely, and these pioneering Vikings are confident it will follow their lead. >> Read the Full Article