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U.S. Nuclear Shipment En Route to France

A controversial U.S. shipment of bomb-grade plutonium escorted by armed British commandos has set sail for France, despite protests from environmental activists who fear a terrorist attack or an accident. >> Read the Full Article

Environmental Protection, the Economy, and Jobs: What is the Bottom Line?

Does environmental protection harm the economy and destroy jobs or facilitate economic growth and create jobs? >> Read the Full Article

EarthNews Radio: Alliance to Save Energy's Kateri Callahan

There are many things we can do to save gas, including driving hybrid cars, keeping our cars tuned, and not driving aggressively. But there's more we can do. >> Read the Full Article

Recycling Leaders to Share Ideas Today at Myrtle Beach Conference

Every day, trucks dump 2 million pounds of waste -- the equivalent of enough cinder blocks to build a 15-story building about the size of a basketball court -- into the Horry County landfill. >> Read the Full Article

Plastic Mats Support Heavy Equipment with Minimal Environmental Impact

Coastal erosion? No problem. Alien insect invasions? Who cares. Receding glaciers? It's all good. >> Read the Full Article

Syngenta Sold Some Unapproved Biotech Corn in US

Corn seeds developed by Swiss agrochemicals group Syngenta AG were mistakenly contaminated during 2001 through 2004 with a strain of genetically modified corn that had not been approved for distribution, the company said Tuesday. >> Read the Full Article

Connecticut Residents Can Use 'Clean Power' while Sticking with Current Company

Electricity customers can stay with their current power companies and still sign up for "green power" under a final decision by the Connecticut Department of Public Utility Control released Wednesday. >> Read the Full Article

Asian Pollution Affects Pacific Storms

Pollution from Asia is helping generate stronger storms over the North Pacific, according to new research. Changes in the North Pacific storm track could have an impact on weather across the Northern Hemisphere. >> Read the Full Article

Dolly's Creator Applies for Human Cloning License

Scientists who created Dolly the sheep, the world's first cloned mammal, applied for a license on Tuesday to clone human embryos to obtain stem cells for research into Motor Neurone Disease. >> Read the Full Article

Kenya Wants Most-Protected Status for Lions

The Kenya Wildlife Service is pushing a plan to give the African lion maximum protection under a U.N. body that governs trade in endangered or threatened plants and animals. >> Read the Full Article