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Government Researchers Locate Concentration of Lost Fishing Nets

Researchers using satellites and aircraft have located a concentration of lost or abandoned fishing nets that drift through the oceans posing a danger to fish and other wildlife. >> Read the Full Article

America's Other Trade Deficit -- An ENN Commentary

The massive die off of nearly one half of the US’s honey bees over the past six months indicates an underlying new, as yet unidentified, indicator of national economic well being and public health. >> Read the Full Article

Human Waste, an Unsavory Import, Raises Concerns Among Some Farmers in Southern California

A strong wind raises clouds of powdery gray dust, obscuring the road and sky around Larry Pearson's truck as he drives past piles of dried human waste. The mounds are part of an import stream some would rather not have in Kern County, one of the nation's most productive farming regions. >> Read the Full Article

China to Create Powerful New Energy Agency Headed by Top Economic Planner

China, struggling to cope with surging demand for power and soaring oil imports, has created a powerful new agency to oversee its energy sector, the government said Friday. >> Read the Full Article

Toxic Algae on Florida's Lake Okeechobee Jeopardizes $8.4 Billion Everglades Restoration

Lake Okeechobee was in trouble before last year's hurricanes churned up a thick layer of pollution from the bottom, turning the water the color of day-old coffee. But the worst may be yet to come. >> Read the Full Article

Midwest Research Projects Look to Hydrogen

Several research projects in South Dakota and neighboring states are looking to hydrogen as a fuel source that could reduce air pollution, global warming and dependence on foreign oil. >> Read the Full Article

North Slope Oil Companies Gamble on Heavy Oil

Oil companies are betting that heavy oil in Alaska will result in a big payoff. Heavy oil, which has the consistency of thick molasses, lies in sandstone above the huge reservoir of light oil that has been flowing down the trans-Alaska pipeline since 1977. With that reservoir being drawn down, BP Group PLC and ConocoPhillips Co. are turning to hard-to-pump heavy oil to extend the life of Alaska's largest oil field. >> Read the Full Article

Traveling Light: The Environmental Impact of Vacation Travel

The month of May is when many people start thinking about their plans for vacations for summer, and Memorial Day is the start of the traditional "driving season." With fuel prices at all-time highs and concern about the environment growing, there will be an environment-consciousness component to vacation planning for many. >> Read the Full Article

ENN Weekly: April 25th - 29th

ENN's editors summarize the most compelling environmental and sustainable economy themes of the week. >> Read the Full Article

Town Debates Plans for Liquefied Natural Gas Import Terminal

Residents here are asking themselves whether they want a liquefied natural gas terminal built across the bay from their peaceful river town. They aren't alone in wrestling with that question. >> Read the Full Article