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Border Patrol Horses Get Special Feed that Helps Protect Desert Ecosystem

Horses are crucial to the U.S. Border Patrol's enforcement efforts, especially in remote and rugged terrain. But what goes into the animals also comes out. And their droppings if they're eating hay can introduce alfalfa and unfamiliar weeds into the environmentally sensitive desert. >> Read the Full Article

Coalition Urges UN Curbs on Harmful Ocean Sounds

An environmental coalition urged the United Nations Wednesday to take steps to protect whales, dolphins and other marine life from the powerful sound waves used in oil and gas exploration and by the world's navies to navigate and detect submarines. >> Read the Full Article

Scientists Believe Insect Would Kill Coca Crops

A group of Colombian scientists believe they've found a way to wipe out cocaine production: unleash an army of hungry moth caterpillars. But critics of the proposal say the chance for "ecological mischief" is high. >> Read the Full Article

Bush Administration Defends Former Oil Industry Advocate Who Changed Climate Reports

The Bush administration said Wednesday that changes made in government reports on global warming by a former oil industry advocate were part of a normal interagency review and did not violate a pledge to base environmental policy on sound science. >> Read the Full Article

Whales are Big Business in Cape Cod's Waters

The whales have returned from their winter respites in warmer waters. And with them comes the return of whale watching -- a seasonal draw that's become an important part of the local tourism industry. >> Read the Full Article

Bamboo Fabric May Be 'Next Big Thing' in Textiles

As the U.S. textile market struggles in the face of foreign competition, a fledgling South Carolina clothing company is hoping to weave its own niche in the industry. To do so, it's pinning its hopes on a nontraditional material: bamboo. >> Read the Full Article

Suncor Energy Releases 2005 Report on Sustainability

Suncor Energy Inc. today released its 2005 Report on Sustainability – a comprehensive review of the company’s social, economic and environmental performance in 2003 and 2004. >> Read the Full Article

US Investors Support Global Warming Resolution with General Motors

Today several leading U.S. institutional investors, representing more than $400 billion in invested assets, announced their support for a shareholder resolution requesting that General Motors assess and disclose its strategies for facing the significant financial risks posed by global climate change. >> Read the Full Article

Scientists Nudge Fish Closer to Extinction

Scientists trying to study the endangered Devils Hole pupfish near Death Valley inadvertently nudged the endangered fish closer to extinction. >> Read the Full Article

Editorial: Ethanol Use as Fuel is Burning Money

Popular or not, ethanol use as fuel is burning money. This won't be a popular position here in the Corn Belt, but I don't see any sense in requiring motorists to burn ethanol. >> Read the Full Article