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Bad Weather Hampers Efforts to Rescue Stranded Sperm Whales in Australia

A pod of 19 sperm whales were stranded on the coast of Australia's Tasmania state and most of them are dead, authorities said Monday. >> Read the Full Article

David Orr, Environmental Educator and Writer, Answers Grist's Questions

David Orr of Oberlin College has made a name for himself in the environmental community as a teacher, thinker, and writer, most recently of a book that explores the connections between the environment, the political realm, and the threat of terrorism -- "The Last Refuge: Patriotism, Politics, and the Environment in an Age of Terror." >> Read the Full Article

Missouri Landfill Owner Leads Campaign to Incorporate Shingles into Asphalt

Few motorists spend time wondering what ingredients went into making the asphalt that helps their tires to grip the road. Dale Behnen, co-owner of Peerless Landfill Inc. near Valley Park, is a notable exception. >> Read the Full Article

Madagascar's Poor See No Benefit from Conservation

The people of Mahatsara village do not understand why they are forbidden from burning down the wild forests of eastern Madagascar. >> Read the Full Article

American Eel May Get Federal Protection

It is one of the creepier creatures on Earth -- a squirming, snakelike fish bound for no real glory beyond its role in sushi or as bait dangling from a fisherman's hook. But it is largely for that reason -- not despite it -- that Tim Watts is taking a stand to protect the American eel, a species he says is in dangerous decline. >> Read the Full Article

California Farmers have until Year's End to Turn in Plans to Clean the Air

The Central Valley's dairy, cotton, fruit and vegetable farms are the newest front in the fight to clean up one of the nation's dirtiest air basins. >> Read the Full Article

Tidal Wave Began Beneath Indian Ocean

The chain reaction that sent enormous, deadly tidal waves crashing into the coasts of Asia and Africa on Sunday started more than six miles beneath the ocean floor off the tip of the Indonesian island of Sumatra. >> Read the Full Article

Northeastern Pennsylvania Gives Windmills a Spin

There's one obvious reason this mountainous, sparsely populated township is poised to become one of the leading areas for wind power in the eastern United States. >> Read the Full Article

Richland, Wash.-Based Utility Mulls Cow Power

Energy Northwest is at a crossroads with its pilot project that turns cow dung into kilowatts. >> Read the Full Article

Hummer Owners Fuel Rage in Others

Dave Breggin eats no red meat, barely waters a drought- resistant fescue lawn and has a highly energy-efficient Arapahoe County home. >> Read the Full Article