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Fort Morgan, Colo., Cattle Feeder Gets his Manure Together, Makes Electricity

It was the plumes of steam coming off his compost piles that got Gary Teague thinking about energy. >> Read the Full Article

Oil Spill Hits Tourist Islands in Indonesia

An oil spill has swamped a chain of tourist islands off the coast of the Indonesian capital, polluting a marine park and hitting businesses in the area, officials and media reports said recently. >> Read the Full Article

CITES Sets Lower 2004 Export Quota For Caviar

Caviar lovers are in for a jolt. The 2004 Caspian Sea export quotas have been cut, a move almost certain to drive up the price of the coveted luxury food, the salted roe or eggs of the sturgeon. >> Read the Full Article

The Future of Food

On this week's radio program Beyond Organic, join host Jerry Kay, publisher of the Environmental News Network (, to get an in depth look at the documentary The Future of Food. >> Read the Full Article

Bush Defends Environmental Record as Kerry Attacks

In Friday's second U.S. presidential debate, Democratic candidate John Kerry accused President Bush of leading "one of the worst administrations in modern history" on cleaning the air, water, and soil, while Bush said he is "a good steward of the land." >> Read the Full Article

CITES Imposes Trade Controls on African Diet Plant

A United Nations conference recently approved a proposal by African countries to control trade in a rare plant sought hungrily by drug companies for its appetite-suppressing properties. >> Read the Full Article

Conservation Meeting Votes to Prohibit Trade of Endangered Dolphin

An international conference to regulate trade in animals and plants agreed recently to prohibit trade of the Irrawaddy dolphin, concluding that they are so rare that even sales to aquariums are a threat to the species. >> Read the Full Article

Democrats Ask for Investigation of Reported Changes to Salmon Study

House Democrats recently called for an investigation into a report that federal biologists rewrote an analysis that said a water transfer plan could hurt endangered salmon in northern California. >> Read the Full Article

Namibia Loses Ivory Export Bid at CITES Meeting

Namibia lost a bid on Monday for permission to export 2,000 kg (4,400 pounds) of ivory annually at a United Nations meeting, a development welcomed by arch ivory rival Kenya, which sees trade as a threat to its elephants. >> Read the Full Article

Greenhouse Gas Jump Spurs Global Warming Fears

An unexplained jump in greenhouse gases since 2002 might herald a catastrophic acceleration of global warming if it becomes a trend, scientists said on Monday. >> Read the Full Article