The World Business Council for Sustainable Develop..

The World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD) is a CEO-led, global association of some 200 companies dealing exclusively with business and sustainable development.

The Council provides a platform for companies to explore sustainable development, share knowledge, experiences and best practices, and to advocate business positions on these issues in a variety of forums, working with governments, non-governmental and intergovernmental organizations.



Thorsten Arndt
Manager, Communications
World Business Council for Sustainable Development
4, chemin de Conches
1231 Conches, Geneva, Switzerland
Phone: +41 (22) 8393 170
Fax: +41 (22) 8393 131

Global Survey Shows "Green" Construction Costs Dramatically Lower Than Believed
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The Reality of Renewables
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Labour pains - Clean-technology firms
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Airline emissions 'far higher than previous estimates'
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After years of confrontation, green groups and companies finding common ground
Companies preparing to rule 'climate ready' crop market -- report
Brazilian Companies Announce Global Warming Game Plan
Energy Efficiency: Overlooked and Misunderstood
Hydrogen fuel cells are future, says WWM boss
Extended Producer Responsibility and the E-waste problem
EU agrees to outlaw 'green' crimes
Spain's drought a glimpse of our future?
Africa: New sources of finance energise economy
Harnessing Energy from the Oceans
Brazil says biofuel production not to blame for food crisis
Masdar plunges $2 billion into solar PV market
DOE Taps Manufacturers to Advance Wind Power
Concentrated solar power has a bright future
Green Building: It's not pretty, but it runs clean
Airlines Analyze Operations to Save Fuel
Chinese Eco-City Planned For One Million Inhabitants
Future belongs to electric cars: VW chairman Winterkorn in report
China leaps ahead of U.S. in gas emissions
Intel spins off solar energy technology
Study questions method of listing fuel efficiency
Technology and climate change
New "carbon revolution" urged to slow warming
Electronics makers want incentives to green product lines
Wal-Mart to source more fruits and veggies locally
Eco-tourism: Carbon 'offsets', a good idea that's not working
French bank unveils sustainability labels
Toward the Ultimate Eco-car: Toyota
World ports tackle greenhouse gas emissions
Global green energy spending jumps 60% in 2007
Rolls-Royce, British Airways to Test Alternative Airline Fuels
Indonesia, Brazil say to cooperate on biofuel
Bombardier launches 'green' aircraft programme
UK government lambasted over own carbon emissions
Black gold fuels 'the giant of Africa'
Illegal trade in Indonesian markets putting wild animals in danger
Air show's new buzzword: Sustainability
GE partners with Abu Dhabi sovereign fund to boost cleantech in Middle East, Africa
US now world leader in wind power production
Creating solutions to a water crisis
Big U.S. retailers look to solar energy
Honda has high hopes for new lower-cost hybrid
Wastewater fears for urban farms
China overtakes UK on renewables
Bloomberg proposes windmills for New York City
Wasted Food Is Also Wasted Water
UN climate talks split over deforestation funds
World Water Week demands halt to food wastage
Getting on Board with Corporate Social Responsibility
China approves law to promote sustainable economy
Italy next solar hot spot, Spain cools
Green marketing – Are your claims sustainable?
Scotland could boost hydropower by 50 pct - study
New era for sustainable investing
EU parliament eases road for hydrogen cars
UK utility windfall profits in spotlight
Asian pollution could spur U.S., European warming
Solar energy can meet all the world's energy demands: expert
Technology and global warming
The car of the perpetual future
$100 bln could yield 2 mln US 'green' jobs -report
Coca-Cola, Ocado Leaders Discuss Divergent Business Roles
Economic slowdown to push 100m into poverty
Old-growth forests important carbon sinks, says study
Kraft Turns Cheese Waste into Energy
Biofuels in India
Green energy projects face heightened scrutiny as U.S. cleans up credit mess
Microfinance unscathed by financial crisis: Yunus
Biodiversity: Mass die-off may already be underway, experts warn
Business and Ecosystem Services are Inextricably Linked
Dubai investment firm to target sustainability
Big emitters facing carbon limits
Britain exceeds biofuels target - govt agency
Japan sees big firms trading CO2 next year
Fisheries losing $50 billion a year: World Bank
Ethiopia signs deal for largest wind farm in Africa
Analysts say global carbon market will pass $100B by year's end
EU climate pact under veto threat as financial crisis bites
A Green Lining in Market Meltdown?
Investors seek carbon facts
Eat Kangaroos to Save Climate?
EU lawmakers give boost to green vehicles
Carbon finance seen as solid despite global crunch
Future of green is not so black, say some
Coca-Cola Continues to Make Strides on Water, Recycling
Britain, Abu Dhabi to sign clean energy accord
Climate talks: Obama victory offers hope, but Congress is key
US automakers can now apply for Energy Dept. loans
Citi stays top of SRI research rankings
Renewables struggle in US state ballots
Push for green jobs is strong, but numbers are fuzzy
A global race for the plug-in hybrid battery hits the back stretch
Japan's CO2 emissions hit record high: official
Air New Zealand to test biofuel next month
Eating carbon - Greenhouse gases
W.House: not proposing relaxing fuel efficiency
Revamped LEED ratings emphasize climate, energy conservation
Fresh doubts raised over December EU climate deal
Greener cars the price for automaker aid
The silent emergency
Electric Car Networks Heading For the West Coast
China: 100M could lose land to erosion -- survey
Little gain from oil sands carbon capture - report
Knowledge gaps hinder energy-efficient building transition
Electric vehicles all the buzz at LA auto show
Hot air: UN climate talks to create 13,000 tonnes of carbon
Brazil plans to cut deforestation by 70 pct over 10 years
China Advised To Follow Hybrid Route
HSBC to curb palm oil lending, review oil sands
EU agrees 10% 'green fuel' target in renewables deal
EU bans low-efficiency light bulbs from 2012
Asian Development Bank to launch $200 million carbon fund
Time for 'Green New Deal' on climate change, financial crisis: Ban
After dangerous lull, war on climate change faces crunch year
Fund to help poor countries cope with climate clears hurdle
No progress in Poznań on new emission cuts
Survey: EU consumers reluctant to 'buy green'
Cheap govt deals may undermine carbon market
Renewable Energy Generation Climbs in 2008, Fossil Fuels Dip
Investors eye forestry, water opportunities in tough markets
EU fishing policy not working, says commission
Cutting U.S. building emissions will cost $200B a year -- report
MEPs back eco-design rules for energy-related products
China To Subsidize Energy Saving Lamps
Green Becoming a 'Tiebreaker' in Shopping Decisions, Survey Finds
Biofuels Get a Boost
China Increases Investment On Energy Conservation And Environmental Protection
New EPA Web Portal Features Green Resources for Retailers
IEA predicts surge in energy use by electronic 'gadgets'
VC investment in clean-tech plummets – Ernst & Young
Coke develops new Earth-friendly bottle
Russia's climate policy fails to raise hopes
2008 U.S. Fossil Fuel CO2 Emissions See Biggest Drop in Nearly 30 Years
Geothermal Is Not So Clean
Solar-thermal power stations announced
Green but costly, hybrid buses far from mass production
Damage to Ecosystems Can Lead to Financial Losses and Reputational Risks for Companies
Amazon deforestation brings economy boom,then bust
Major shift in US climate policy sparks hope for global treaty
Australia's forests key to fighting global warming
Obama against penalties on those not accepting pollution limits
400 billion euro plan to bring African solar energy to Europe
EU sets new ecodesign rules for freezers, TVs
EDF, First Solar to build French solar panel plant
Rich Nations Vulnerable to Water Disasters
Energy efficiency could save U.S. $600 billion -McKinsey
Amazon deforestation speeds up: Brazil space agency
China starts building first 10-GW mega wind farm
Carbon Tracking Market Set to Take Off
Emissions Reduction Targets of Largest Companies Fail to Meet Scientific Standards
China leads the pack in the race to go green-report
Urban Mobility - It's Not Getting Better
EU ministers plan to curb CO2 from planes, ships
Carbon Market Growth Stalls in 2009
BP, GE to build 'clean coal' plant in Southern California
Clean Energy Legislation Will Boost US Manufacturing Jobs
U.N. Climate Treaty May Need Year-Long Extension
Business Execs Plan to Boost Clean-Tech Investments Next Year
New Market Study Finds Green Buildings Continue Impressive Growth
Harnessing the Power of Salt, Norway Tries Osmotic Energy
A heated debate
U.S. 2008 Greenhouse Gas Emission Fall 2.2%
Prius Top Seller in Japan
Putting a Value on Nature
Is the Copenhagen Accord already dead?
Wind Energy taking off worldwide
Environmental disaster looms from River Po oil spill
Mekong River at record low flow
Carbon reporting will get more scrutiny
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