Environmental Health News

A Dangerous Trend - Endocrine Disruption
DDT And Breast Cancer - Teen Exposure Raises Adult Risk
Toxic Grounds
Ecosystems At Risk When Estrogens Mix With Other Chemicals
Report: Safety and Security Risks Undercut Nuclear Power's Role in Minimizing Global Warming
Game theory could save the world
China to urgently boost GM crop development
Report calls for shift in climate research
Pesticides blamed for some childhood brain cancers
Green energy overtakes fossil fuel investment, says UN
Desert icon Joshua trees are vanishing, scientists say
Deserts crossing Mediterranean
New study backs UN panel on ocean rise
Our best guess about global warming may be wrong
Climate-change technology risks 'catastrophic' outcome
Sea Levels Rose as Much as Two Feet This Summer in U.S. East
Antarctica's hidden plumbing revealed
Drought Disaster looms in East Africa
Secret to Slowing Global Warming Lies Beneath the Waves
U.K.'s Royal Society Pushes GM Crop Use as Hunger Solution
Europe Offers to Cut CO2 Emissions 95%
Red Wine, White Wine...Green Wine?
Not Science Fiction: Solar Power to be Zapped From Space By Lasers
Olympic Torch Run May Shine Light on Polar Bear Plight
Trouble Down Under: Koalas Could Face Extinction
Electric Cars Face Obstacles to Consumer Acceptance
Biggest Obstacle to a Climate-Change Bill is America's Agriculture
Bolivian glacier 'disappearing'
Armed With Many Weapons, We Are Killing Our Oceans
US Army Corps Found Negligent in Katrina Floods
Solar Energy Industry Brings Ray of Hope to the Rust Belt
Raising Livestock Does Not Have to be Bad for Climate
Not Just the Polar Bear: Ten American Species Feeling the Heat from Climate Change
Brazil Defends Biofuels
Ski Industry on the Front Lines of Global Warming
Dutch have a simple answer to energy crisis – working together
Ecosystems strain to keep pace with climate
Climate bill, clean-energy industry key to Tennessee's economic revival
Ski property faces meltdown as global warming chills the market
Will Global Warming Increase Natural Disasters, or Not?
New Ozone Standards could contribute to warming
California's global-warming law Under Attack
Confidence in Scientists Dropping as Result of "Climategate"
China has "No intention" of capping emissions
China to develop new energy source - combustible ice
Abu Dhabi building carbon-neutral city
Farm Pesticides Linked to Melanoma
Masdar: Abu Dhabi's carbon-neutral city
Night-time lights bring insects, disease
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