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Office Products from Recycled Material

Recycling is a daily practice for many Americans. However there are two parts to the recycling equation.

Recycling is a daily practice for many Americans. However there are two parts to the recycling equation: To be sustainable, recycled products have to be profitable. And for them to be profitable, they have to be purchased.

One business segment that may not first come to mind when we think about recycling is office supplies. Or at most, we think about putting used office supplies in our company's recycling bin, but don't think about the output end of the chain: buying recycled office products.

There are companies that specialize in this, however. GreenLine Paper Company is releasing its 2005-2006 National Products Catalog. The new catalog contains 40 pages of listings of environmentally-friendly office, restaurant, hotel and home products.

GreenLine's President, Stephen Baker, while announcing the release, said "our 2005 catalog introduces some revolutionary new products utilizing new technologies to eliminate waste and reduce pressure on natural resources."

"I see some light at the end of the tunnel in the quest for sustainability," says Baker. "Mills and manufacturers who make green products now seem to be gaining a market edge over their competitors who manufacture only conventional products."

Rising prices for petroleum-based and virgin fiber products make recycled and alternative technologies more price competitive than they traditionally have been.

The company characterizes itself as "America's Green Office Supply" company, and it stocks recycled and tree-free paper products. Cascades New Life DP 100, a well-know recycled copier paper, has recently increased its post-consumer recycled content to 100%. It is certified PCF or processed chlorine free. A full line of business envelopes made from the New Life paper is now available.

About GreenLine Paper: Greenline Paper Company, Inc. is a 13-year-old, privately held firm based in York, Pennsylvania. The company serves the national marketplace as well as the local Central Pennsylvania community. Since the company's inception in 1992 it has been solely dedicated to the distribution of environmentally-sound products. The 2005 catalog is its 5th catalog in the company's history. GreenLine's internet website can be found at www.greenlinepaper.com.Source: GreenLine Paper Company