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EPA Green Power Partnership Tops 3 Billion Kilowatts

Green Power Partnership has grown to 600 partner organizations purchasing more than 3 billion kilowatt hours (KWh) of green power annually, enough to power 300,000 American homes each year.

Washington — EPA's Green Power Partnership has grownto 600 partner organizations purchasing more than 3 billion kilowatthours (KWh) of green power annually, enough to power 300,000 Americanhomes each year. This voluntary program includes Fortune 500 companies,universities, and local, state, and federal agencies.

"President Bush has asked the nation to diversify our energy supply bypromoting alternative and renewable energy sources, and once again,EPA's partners are leading the effort," said EPA Administrator StephenL. Johnson. "By making the voluntary decisions to switch to greenpower, these companies and organizations are helping to decrease ournation's overall dependence on foreign sources of power anddemonstrating outstanding environmental stewardship -- defending ourhealth, our environment, and national security."

Green power is electricity generated from environmentally preferable,renewable resources such as mainstream the purchasing of green powerelectricity generated by renewable energy sources including solar, wind,water (hydro), geothermal, biomass (combustion of organic materials) andbiogas (combustion of naturally-produced methane). Green powercurrently accounts for just 2 percent of America's electricity supply,but voluntary purchasing of renewable energy is accelerating thedevelopment of new renewable energy sources. The voluntary green powermarket currently supports over 2,200 megawatts of new renewablegenerating capacity.

The Green Power Partnership has grown dramatically since it was launchedwith 21 Founding Partners in 2001. The 3 billion KWh purchased by thepartnership has doubled in the past 15 months and grew 10-fold over thepast four years. This EPA voluntary program standardizes green powerprocurement as part of best practice environmental management. Partnersin the program pledge to switch to green power for a specified minimumpercentage of their electricity needs in return for EPA technicalassistance and recognition.

For more information about EPA's Green Power Partnership, including alist of all 600 Partners, see: http://www.epa.gov/greenpower.

Source: EPA