How Are We Going To Re-Design Our Cities To Combat The Unfolding Climate Emergency?


Noel Gerard Keough is a champion for undergraduate research.


Noel Gerard Keough is a champion for undergraduate research. As an associate professor in UCalgary’s School of Architecture, Planning and Landscape, Keough worked with undergrad students last year to determine if Calgary’s community gardens were accessible via active transportation routes.

This year, he teamed up with students Lina Chhom and Kevin Do, this year’s winners of the 2019 TD Sustainability Project Grants and students in UCalgary’s Certificate in Sustainability Studies. Together, they used Calgary’s southeast Manchester neighbourhood to study safe active transportation behaviours, and food security and access.

“In this project, we are using a sustainability lens to explore how we better integrate housing — or land use — transportation and food in city policy-making,” says Keough. “The Manchester research focuses on the critical question of how are we going to re-design our cities to meet the challenge of the unfolding climate emergency? We need circular, waste-free, diverse economies that provide meaningful livelihoods for all Calgarians.”

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Image via University of Calgary.