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Fashionably Natural

Portland Fashion Week in its second year of “sustainable production”, wrap up this Sunday the 12th, Fashionably Natural, an exclusive runway event presented by Gen Art andSOYJOY, also took place on Thursday the 9th at the Peterson Automotive Museum in LA.

Portland Fashion Week in its second year of “sustainable production”, wrap up this Sunday the 12th, Fashionably Natural, an exclusive runway event presented by  Gen Art andSOYJOY, also took place on Thursday the 9th at the Peterson Automotive Museum in LA.  Preceding LA Fashion Week, running October 12th through the 16th at Smashbox Studios, the event was hosted by the beautiful Maggie Gylenhaal, and featured four of LA’s top, emerging sustainable designers, Brigid Catiis, Popomomo, The Battalion (recently featured on the new 90210), and Velvet Leaf, four designers working exclusively in all - natural and environmentally responsible textiles.

Brigid Catiis makes Eco-Chic simple. Bridging fashion and eco-friendliness together, the idea is to be part of a solution, and not the problem. Brigid Catiis pieces are made from reconstructed and recycled vintage fabrics. Every produced item is one of a kind- with its own energy, inspiration and story. Founded on the idea to Do Good, creating clothing that is environmentally responsible and sustainable is a must.


Popomomo, which stands for “post-post-modern-movement,” is designed out of Lizz Wasserman’s studio in Silver Lake, CA. Her inspiration is the antithesis of disposable design, to be sophisticated and sexy while still intellectually appealing. Popomomo aims for simplicity with unexpected details to create unique pieces. Popomomo features an eco-friendly collection of contemporary shapes in sustainable fabrics. Their distinct style blends subtle simplicity with delightfully unexpected details. The result: simple drapery translated into bold and feminine shapes, beautifully conceptualized dresses and tunics with innovative cuts and patterns.

The Battalion follows a simple line of logic: design edgy, avant-garde clothing that brings refinement and sophistication of style. The Battalion specialized in comfort knits and jerseys. At the hands of the designers, the soft, drapery fabrics that have generally been synonymous with basic t-shits and baby doll dressed is now adapted for tailored jackets, form-fitting tops, and dresses worthy of every occasion. All organic fabrics are used, with an emphasis on bamboo, cotton blends, and cruelty-free silk.

Velvet Leaf encompasses secondhand chic, with firsthand design. The fashion forward line is edgy, classic and above all, supports the organic movement. Velvet Leaf interprets sixties bent clothing with a hand-crafted sophisticated feel. Soft fabrics, wide collars, and big bows feature prominently. As green becomes chic, Velvet Leaf remains a sustainable clothing company, using nothing but 100% certified organic cotton.

Stay tuned for a recap of Portland Fashion Week highlights, and coverage of LA Fashion Week, each offering a look into Spring 2009 collections of many in eco design.