ENN Weekly: May 22nd - 26th

ENN rounds up the most important and compelling environmental news stories of the week. In the news May 22nd - 26th: Drilling in the ANWR, wildlife crime-busters, beachgoers at risk, Bush backs nukes, and much more.

The Week's Top Ten Articles

In the news May 22nd - 26th: Drilling in the ANWR, wildlife crime-busters, beachgoers at risk, Bush touts nukes, and much more.

1. U.S. House Votes for Oil Drilling in Alaska Refuge
On Thursday, the House voted 225-201 to approve a plan sponsored by California Republican Richard Pombo that would allow drilling on 2,000 acres of ANWR out of the refuge's total 19 million acres.

2. Energy Department Considering Overhauling Agency that Oversees Health and Safety
The Bush administration is considering overhauling an Energy Department agency that sets health, safety and environmental standards, a prospect that upsets some Democratic lawmakers.

3. Bush Asserts That More Nuclear Power Will Reduce Greenhouse Gas
President Bush promoted greater use of nuclear power Wednesday as a way to reduce greenhouse gases blamed for global warming and said the United States must diversify its energy sources.

4. Tribe Seeks Greater Freedom to Kill Eagles
The Northern Arapaho Tribe and a man accused of shooting a bald eagle on the Wind River Indian Reservation say the federal government should make it easier for American Indians to apply to kill bald eagles for use in religious ceremonies.

5. Environmental Group Sues Government over Gas Mileage Rules
An environmental group sued the Bush administration Tuesday over new rules to boost gas mileage requirements for sport utility vehicles and pickup trucks, saying the regulations do not go far enough.

6. Feds Reject Petition to List Spotted Owl
The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service on Tuesday rejected a petition to list the California spotted owl under the Endangered Species Act, saying the population is stable and programs that prevent forest wildfires will allow it to thrive.

7. Southeast Asia Plans Wildlife Crime-Busting Units
Special wildlife crime-busting units will form the core of Southeast Asia's first coordinated effort against the multi-billion-dollar illegal trade in animals and plants, officials said on Thursday.

8. U.S. Beachgoers at Risk from Polluted Water, Group Says
The Natural Resources Defense Council said the Environmental Protection Agency has moved too slowly to update beach water quality standards and protect people from diarrhea, skin rashes, earaches, pink eye, respiratory infections and other ailments from polluted water.

9. Japanese Whaling Fleet Departing on Four-Month Expedition
A fleet of four ships was set Tuesday to depart on a four-month expedition to hunt whales for Japan's controversial research whaling program.

10. Iowa Company Hopes to Make Gasoline Obsolete
While much of the world fumes over escalating fuel prices, a small company in north central Iowa is quietly hoping to make gasoline obsolete as an engine fuel.

Photo: An endangered Florida Scrub Jay. Credit: Bill Lea/ Southern Research Station/U.S. Department of Agriculture, Forest Service.

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