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ENN initiates a section in spanish

Sixteen years ago ENN started the publication of news and content related to the environment with the goal of making an enriching partnership between those who create quality content and news agencies to generate benefits for both parties.


While at first we only gathered environmental news, we are now more than collectors of environmental information and we have quickly become a set of resources, experts and tools that provide objective information and sound knowledge about the increasingly complex field of environmental science.

Our mission is to inform and educate and create and enable a platform for environmental action and provide a global perspective on environmental issues to move to reflection and to stimulate discussion and raise awareness among our readers, members of the press, publishing affiliates and customers we serve.

Month after month more than 100,000 people visit our site to read news and information related to the environment and 36,000 committed readers receive our daily Newsletter. Among those who visit our site are executives, consultants, government officials, educators and researchers of the environment at the highest level worldwide since ENN is one of the oldest brands and respected environmental news network.

Now that we start the Spanish section of ENN, we are not only making available to Spanish speakers quality information and environmental news of global concern, but we are offering a global platform where we expect to hear their voice with their points of view, their success stories and problems for which have not yet found solutions and thus put in an appropriate dimension the environmental challenges they have faced and the ability to solve them.

Therefore, learn from each other

This is an invitation to join ENN

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