• Deep Ocean Turbulence And Climate

    More than a mile beneath the Atlantic�s surface, roughly halfway between New York and Portugal, seawater rushing through the narrow gullies of an underwater mountain range much as winds gust between a city�s tall buildings is generating one of the most turbulent areas ever observed in the deep ocean. >> Read the Full Article
  • UAV's To Monitor Wildfires and Map Forests For US Govt

    The US Forest Service is putting Unmanned Aerial Vehicles -- called UAV's -- into service to monitor wildfires and map wilderness areas. >> Read the Full Article
  • Kroger Rejects GMO Milk: The Tipping Point?

    Kroger Food's recent ban of sales of GMO milk suggest something is afoot around genetically engineered foods. Clearly Americans are increasingly aware of GE products in their food, and they don’t like it. The food industry is now responding. >> Read the Full Article
  • "Porous Paving" Prevents Pollution, Erosion

    Avoiding solid - non-permeable - surfaces in driveways, walks and patios is better for the environment. Solid surfaces, such as driveways, walks and patios force storm water to run off and create a host of environmental problems. First, storm runoff can erode surrounding soil, damag lawns, wash away soil and cause flooding. Even more damaging, storm water can carry pollutants into sewer systems, surrounding waterways and water tables, posing serious health hazards. >> Read the Full Article
  • Florida Gov' Orders State Employees To Use Green Hotels

    Florida Governor Charlie Crist orders all state agencies and departments to do business only with Florida Green Lodging Program participants. >> Read the Full Article
  • Native Red Foxes Living in Valley; California Asks Residents For Help

    Ben Sacks, an expert in canine genetics and a researcher in the School of Veterinary Medicine, has new findings suggesting that these animals are natives, and close cousins to the native Sierra Nevada red fox. Sacks, who's studied the foxes for the past 10 years, is reaching out to the public for help in reporting all sightings of red foxes in the Sacramento Valley and in the high elevations of the Sierra Nevada and Cascades mountains. He asks that anyone who sees any evidence of red foxes in the area, either alive or dead -- even roadkill -- tell him about it online at: (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) >> Read the Full Article
  • Malacca Strait Meeting Asks Users to Help Littoral States

    Maritime officials from 31 nations gathered in the Malaysian capital on Monday to hammer out ways to offset the cost of ensuring the safety, security and environmental protection of Asia's busy Malacca Strait waterway. >> Read the Full Article
  • Proposal Cuts Murrelet Habitat Area

    A federal proposal would slash the critical habitat in Oregon, Washington and California set aside under the Endangered Species Act for the marbled murrelet, a threatened sea bird, by about 95 percent, to 221,692 acres. >> Read the Full Article
  • Manila Wants to Siphon Oil from Sunken Tanker

    The Philippines wants to drill through the hull of a sunken tanker and siphon off its cargo of industrial fuel to curtail pollution washing up on the central island of Guimaras, disaster officials said on Tuesday. >> Read the Full Article
  • Europe, Asia Pledge to Cut Emissions

    European and Asian leaders pledged Monday to keep cutting greenhouse gases after the U.N.'s Kyoto Protocol expires in 2012. But delegates at the two-day summit stopped short of setting new targets beyond the Kyoto agreement. >> Read the Full Article