• University to scrap relic of atomic age

    NEW YORK (Reuters) - One of the oldest artifacts of America's first experiments with nuclear power, a 70-year-old atom-busting machine, will be junked, Columbia University said on Thursday. The 60-tonne machine, called a cyclotron, has sat dormant in the basement of the New York university's physics department since 1965, when the Ivy League school sent parts of it to the Smithsonian Institution in Washington. >> Read the Full Article
  • Ethanol producers covet existing oil pipelines

    NEW YORK (Reuters) - The burgeoning U.S. ethanol industry is looking longingly at existing oil product pipelines for transporting the alternative fuel, an idea almost unthinkable a few years ago because of contamination fears. "As volumes increase, the economics for pipeline transport of ethanol will make a lot of sense," Mark Stowers a research and development vice president at private company POET, the largest U.S. ethanol producer, told reporters in a teleconference on Wednesday. >> Read the Full Article
  • Survey: Online Hybrid Car Searches Rise

    RICHMOND, Va. - At a time of uncertain gas prices, a new consumer survey says online searches for hybrid cars are on the rise. Examples of the most searched hybrid cars include the Ford Escape Hybrid, Toyota Prius and Toyota Camry Hybrid. These hybrids are climbing in popularity based on recent month- to-month trends of searches for hybrid cars on the carmax.com website. November 2007 carmax.com data indicated that searches for hybrid cars have increased 10% over last year and 43% from October to November >> Read the Full Article
  • City of Pasadena Greenlights The Pasadena EcoHouse

    PASADENA, Calif. - The Pasadena EcoHouse is a step closer to reality today, after the City of Pasadena approved the homeowners' hillside building permit at last night's meeting. When completed, The Pasadena EcoHouse will be the first single-family, structural concrete insulated panel (SCIP) home in the nation to earn the coveted Platinum certification by the U.S. Green Building Council's Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) for Homes Green Building Rating System(TM), as well as the first LEED Platinum home in Pasadena. To earn the Platinum rating, The Pasadena EcoHouse will score points in several categories, including design, location, site impact, water and energy efficiency, indoor air quality, and green building awareness and education. >> Read the Full Article
  • Energy law pulls plug on Edison's light bulb

    The light bulb Thomas Edison invented 125 years ago is getting more than a make-over. The government is pulling the plug on it. The landmark energy bill President George W. Bush signed into law on Wednesday will require lighting to use up to 30 percent less energy, which will basically phase out the traditional light bulb because it won't be able to meet the new efficiency standards. Almost 90 percent of the energy used by today's incandescent bulbs produces heat and only 10 percent goes to giving off light. >> Read the Full Article
  • Tax credit expiry endangers wind, solar expansion

    WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Growth of a nascent industry to build and install clean energy sources, like windmills and solar cells, could be stunted if Congress doesn't extend tax incentives set to expire next year, industry officials and lawmakers said on Wednesday.

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  • Mexico to encourage biodiesel production

    "Mexico could develop biodiesel faster than ethanol," said Agriculture Minister Alberto Cardenas at a news conference.

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  • U.S. energy law drives alternative to corn ethanol

    NEW YORK (Reuters) - The U.S. energy bill signed into law by President George W. Bush on Wednesday should drive a billion-dollar domestic business for a low-emissions domestic ethanol made from sources other than corn -- though it could take nearly a decade to go from the lab into car tanks.

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  • Experts: Pricy Oil Will Push Renewable Fuels Development

    MINNEAPOLIS / ST. PAUL - researchers at the University of Minnesota has discovered a silver lining in the increasing cost of oil. Midwest experts in research, government, business and nonprofit sectors who attended the university’s E3 conference last month were surveyed on what they think will promote sustainable energy research within their geographic domain. Forty percent of the respondents said the cost of oil is the primary driver. >> Read the Full Article
  • A $15.8 Billion Organic Electronics Materials Market by 2015

    GLEN ALLEN, Va. - The market for organic electronics materials will be worth $4.9 billion in 2012 surging to $15.8 billion in 2015, according to a new report from NanoMarkets, an industry analyst firm based here. The report, "Organic Harvest: Opportunities in Organic Electronic Materials" is the next in a series that analyzes the market for the semiconductors, conductors, dielectrics and substrates that will be used in the growing organic electronics industry. Details about the report can be found at www.nanomarkets.net. The firm has also released a blog entry that provides additional commentaries from the report at www.nanotopblog.com. Report summaries are available for members of the press upon request. >> Read the Full Article