• Wave Power, AquaBuOY 2.0 Wave Energy Converter Launched

    PORTLAND, Oregon - This high tech bouy generates power from wave action. It's called an AquaBuOY. The AquaBuOY is a floating buoy structure that converts the kinetic energy of the vertical motion of oncoming waves into clean electricity. The bouy is about to be towed to sea for further tests and refinement. The AquaBuOY is categorized as a point absorber, defined as having a small dimension in relation to the longer wave length in which it is operating. It utilizes a cylindrical buoy as the displacer and the reactor is a large water mass enclosed by a long vertical tube underneath the buoy >> Read the Full Article
  • Nuclear industry hails climate-driven "renaissance"

    The nuclear power industry said on Thursday it provided a clean alternative to fossil fuels and a global warming crisis, shrugging off environmentalist concerns about nuclear waste and atomic security. The term "renaissance" was the buzz word as nuclear industry players emerged from the 21-year-long shadow of the Chernobyl nuclear disaster and gathered in London for two days of talks at the 32nd annual symposium of the World Nuclear Association. >> Read the Full Article
  • Watching Grass Grow Becomes Critical in Hunt For New Biofuels

    Watching grass grow is not normally the most exciting activity -- unless the future of New York's energy needs, rural economic development and reducing the human contribution to global climate change depend on it. >> Read the Full Article
  • New Green Luxury Car Launched

    IRVINE, Calif. - A new luxury "green" premium car company announced its first model today. The company, birthed by two skilled designers who once designed for BMW and Aston Martin is launching a new and beautiful eco-friendly luxury car. In the words of the CEO of the new company, Henrik Fisker, "We want people to drive beautiful fast cars that make environmental sense -- cars that are eco-chic and will have less of an impact on global warming," >> Read the Full Article
  • NRC Reverses Nuclear Fuel Secrets Policy

    The Nuclear Regulatory Commission reversed a three-year secrecy policy and said Tuesday it would release hundreds of documents involving the troubled operations of a Tennessee nuclear fuel processing plant. The commission said it had directed its staff to review and make public some 1,900 documents that had been kept secret under the veil of national security involving Nuclear Fuel Services Inc. in Erwin and BWX Technologies in Lynchburg, Va. >> Read the Full Article
  • Euro Car Makers Lag Behind Japanese Hybrids; Try To Close Gap

    MILAN (Reuters) - Car makers will show off their latest efforts to fight pollution at Frankfurt's autoshow next week by unveiling models with improvements rather than substitutes to the standard internal combustion engine. Under pressure to reduce harmful emissions produced by their vehicles amid fears of global warming, they are keen to show the greenest of intentions with the latest line of engines that consume fuel more efficiently. For anything more advanced, like a hybrid engine, PSA Peugeot Citroen, Mercedes Benz and others will need another two years before they can show anything worthy of the road, far behind their Japanese rivals. >> Read the Full Article
  • Plug and Play Algae Production for Biofuels?

    The US seems to be closing in on the bust end of another of its usual boom-bust economic cycles. (This time too many less-than-wealthy buyers were duped by greedy mortgagers into buying overpriced homes. The last boom-bust was what, overvalued dot-coms?) Anyway chin up, we’ll survive and the next boom could begin late in the current president’s term, and the next man or woman behind the desk in the Oval Office will get all the credit for the economic upturn. (Which, too, will eventually go sour. It’s the American way.) >> Read the Full Article
  • Bank-Led Satellite Imagery Sheds More Light on Gas Flaring Pollution

    From more than 400 miles in space, the World Bank is pinpointing the true extent of one of the planet’s major environmental problems – gas flaring. The problem isn’t new. Gas flaring – a byproduct of petroleum production that spews about 400 millions of tons of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere – has been going on for decades. But new satellite imagery, commissioned by the Bank’s Global Gas Flaring Reduction public-private partnership, is showing that some countries are burning off more gas than what was initially reported. >> Read the Full Article
  • Ontario Government Set To Double Achievements On Renewable Energy

    Ontario is moving forward to add an additional 2,000 megawatts (MW) of green renewable power, Energy Minister Dwight Duncan announced today. The procurements that will flow from today's directive to the Ontario Power Authority will bring the amount of renewable energy acquired by the McGuinty government to 4,000 MW. >> Read the Full Article
  • Chicago: Nation's Largest School Bus Company Switches Entire Fleet To Bio-Fuel

    CHICAGO - The nation's largest independent school bus company, the Cook Illinois Corporation in Chicago, is switching its entire fleet of school buses to burn bio diesel fuel. Biodiesel is a cleaner-burning diesel fuel made from natural, renewable sources such as vegetable oils. In addition, company officials will kick off a new Clean Air Club for kids and a new website that teaches kids about the importance of reducing air pollution. Cook-Illinois is now the largest school bus fleet in Illinois and the largest independently owned bus company in the country to use this new fuel. >> Read the Full Article