• Fern Genus Named for Music Genius Lady Gaga

    When you discover a new species, you get to name it. Whether you name it after yourself or dedicate it to an idol, recent discoveries have led to some interesting and creative species names. From a California lichen named Caloplaca obamae for President Barack Obama to an Australian horse fly donned Scaptia beyonceae for singer Beyoncé, to beetle species named for George Bush and Kate Winslet, many celebrity namesakes are chosen for these newly discovered species. And now we have a whole genus of 19 fern species dedicated to Lady Gaga. >> Read the Full Article
  • Puerto Rican Manatees Suffering from Lack of Genetic Diversity

    There are multiple manatee populations in the Caribbean, but new evidence shows that they are isolated with no cross-breeding going on. The endangered marine mammal, known as the sea cow, is a species protected by law and is listed by the World Conservation Union as vulnerable to extinction. A new study conducted by the US Geological Survey (USGS) and the Puerto Rico Manatee Conservation Center (PRMCC) focusing on the West Indian manatees came to the conclusion that manatee preservation is being hampered by their lack of genetic diversity. Their findings will hopefully aid resource managers to make more informed decisions on how to protect the manatees. >> Read the Full Article