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Published November 23, 2012 08:25 AM

Greenland becoming more green, thanks to Global Warming

I don't want to be told that thanks to Global Warming - now accepted by the majority (77%) of Americans and so therefore, in my opinion, a new Tipping Point - strawberry plants can now survive a Greenland winter.


I don't want to see neat little rows of budding lettuce plants growing outside a polytunnel. OUTSIDE a polytunnel; over-wintering under the snow but come the Spring, still alive and sprouting new shoots; cabbage and potatoes to follow.

And I don't want to hear a Greenlander livestock farmer telling me that (once again, thanks to Global Warming) he now has enough newly ice-free pasture land to double the size of his 20,000-strong flock of sheep.

None of this is what I want to hear or see. But if I thought that was bad, the worst moment in the whole 60-something minutes of the new CNN film Greenland: Secrets in the Ice was the moment when presenter, Fred Pleitgen tells me that after strawberries and lettuce and pasture fields bulging with ever more sheep, it will be the miners moving in - looking for the huge reserves of diamonds, gold, uranium, gas and oil they believe to be hiding under the ice.

"Mining companies are hoping for a bonanza here, if the ice continues to retreat," Fred adds.

Some are already drilling.

Greenland valley courtesy the Alpinist.

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