From: R.A. Dyer, Fort Worth Star-Telegram
Published April 14, 2005 12:00 AM

Bill Would Bar Obesity Lawsuits

AUSTIN — As your attorney, I advise you to lay off those french fries.

That's the message from state Rep. Corbin Van Arsdale, a Houston-area lawmaker who has drafted legislation that will bar lawyers (and their fast-food loving clients) from winning legal judgments because they get fat.

"This basically is supposed to shield folks who sell food, or raise animals that are made into food ... from having to defend themselves against lawsuits ... over obesity claims from over-eating," said Van Arsdale, R-Tomball.

In other words, if you eat too much fast food and get fat -- don't bother suing McDonalds over it. Van Arsdale's legislation will protect fast-food restaurants, farming interests and grocery stores from liability in such cases.

The measure, House Bill 107, is pending in the House Civil Practices Committee. About 15 other states have passed similar bills.

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