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Published August 20, 2007 01:08 PM

Green Fundraising Comes Of Age As Schools Say No To Unhealthy Fundraisers

LONG BEACH, Calif. - The search for healthy alternatives to unhealthy school fundraisers may be over. When new laws banned the sale of unhealthy foods to raise money for schools, parents and school representatives were left without many options, scratching their heads for new sources of money. Enter 'Fundraising Green', the first fundraising company focused solely on providing healthy and eco-friendly fundraisers.

This fall in Southern California Fundraising Green will introduce the myGreenSpark Redemption Book as its flagship fundraising product. Simply put, it's a coupon book with a Green and Healthy twist.

The idea sprouts with perfect timing. A time when cookie dough and candy sales are some of the most profitable school fundraisers. But school districts and lawmakers have taken note of the mixed, unhealthy messages being sent to students. So in 2005 the California State Senate passed Senate Bill No. 12 Chapter 235 prohibiting the sale of soda and junk food at all elementary, middle, junior high and high schools, effective July 1, 2007. LAUSD has passed similar resolutions and is discouraging the sale of junk food as a fundraiser.

Here's how it works. The myGreenSpark Redemption Book will unite consumers with companies and organizations that offer green and healthy products, services and activities, promoting a wholesome and active lifestyle. Each coupon in the book, once redeemed, will provide the user with a "Green Spark" for change. Not only will this Green coupon book educate students and families about how a few small changes in their consumer habits can be a big help to the environment, but it will also lead them to healthy activities and better eating habits.

Fundraising Green was founded in early 2007 by Jennifer Caronna, a business savvy PTA mom from Long Beach, California. Jennifer, the mother of three daughters ages 6, 11 and 13 has spent the last eight years representing her children's school PTA in such capacities as PTA President and Fundraising Coordinator. When asked why she started the company, Jennifer stated, "It was just something that I felt needed to be done. We were always searching for alternatives to the junk food fundraisers and the typical catalog fundraisers that sell over-priced plastics-based products that are made in China and packaged in Styrofoam. In every case the example we were setting for our children was either unhealthy for them or for the environment."


Jennifer goes on to explain the logic behind her new fundraising product, the myGreenSpark Redemption Book, "By melding the popular and profitable coupon book fundraiser with a green and healthy philosophy, we distribute a product to thousands of busy families that not only educates them regarding green and healthy alternatives, but with the discount coupon in hand, we lead them to environmentally sound, conscience consumer choices. We know that if the families that purchase the book use it to make just a few simple changes towards a greener and healthier lifestyle, the positive impact on our environment and on our children will be exponential."

Jennifer is quick to point out that "Green" isn't just about the environment, but about fair trade and ethical labor practices, not to mention community outreach and volunteerism. She reflects, "Ethical consumers not only care about what the product is, but where it was made, how it was made, who made it and under what conditions. That's why we've partnered with over 150 local businesses that feel the same about how business should be done. We gladly offer them space in the coupon book for free. Our goal is simply to create a great product that will raise money for schools while having a positive impact in our community."

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