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Published July 15, 2010 10:54 AM

Izzitgreen Summer selections for ENN readers

ENN affiliate Izzitgreen has selected these offerings specially for ENN readers. Izzitgreen is a blog that helps you stay informed about the latest, coolest, most innovative green products available. They comb the earth, search under all the stones and keep their ears to the ground so they can be your resource for staying green-informed. A ENN affiliate, Izzitgreen will be sharing their profits on sales linked to this ENN article with ENN so you can purchase some really cool green products and support ENN at the same time.

Here are some suggestions from Izzitgreen:


Enjoy the innovation and ease of homemade soda and protect the environment at the same time with Sodastream - a smart way to enjoy soda. With Sodastream you fizz it to your taste and add the flavor of your choice to make your favorite drink. Millions have already stopped using your typical soda cans and plastic bottles. In addition to being simple to clean and reuse, Sodastream helps you save money. It cost just 25 cents per can of soda, 25 cents per liter of sparkling water, eliminates bottle deposits, and makes an excellent value as a gift.

V-dimension Helius Solar Powered Backpack:

The V-dimension Helius Solar Powered Backpack is a multi-functional solar backpack. It features a modern design and ranks high up on energy efficiency. And with the ability to charge several devices through solar power, you have the freedom to go cordless just about anywhere. Perfect for the hiker looking to charge a cell on the go or eco conscious consumer looking to decrease their electric bill.

Adapters are included for iPhone, iPod, Samsung, LG, Nokia and Motorola; additional adapters are available separately.

Wagan Solar Powered Outdoor Lantern:

Wagan’s Solar Powered Outdoor Lantern will never leave you in the dark. The powerful LED light is bright and energy efficient, ideal for any eco friendly hiker or camper. It includes a dual function LED whose battery can be charged via solar panel, or if you run low on sun a 12V DC. It can operate for up to 6 hours on a full charge. No more spending money every camping trip on batteries or worrying about having to plug your light source into an outlet.

Reel Lawn Mower:

With the Reel Lawn Mower there is no need for spark plugs, engine repair or pollutants like gasoline or motor oil. Plus, this push mover will always start. Its lightweight, easy-to-push design offers a clean, moisture retaining, even cut that won’t rip or tear your lawn. The Reel Lawn Mower is lighter and easier to push then a motorized mower, and you can eliminate trips to the gas station to fuel up.

Bio-Orb Composter:

The Bio-Orb Composter will have you rolling in rich organic compost in just weeks.
The unique shape of the Bio-Orb speeds decomposition for faster composting results. And the large-capacity rolling design makes it easy to turn the pile. Simply roll the Bio-Orb to your yard waste, load it up and roll it away. All it needs is a quick tumble every few days to mix and aerate the pile. No more buying expensive organic compost. The Bio-Orb is also made of recycled plastic and holds 13.5 cu. ft. (36" diameter) and weighs 23 lbs.

For more green products, visit Izzitgreen

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