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Published April 6, 2012 07:07 AM

Nest Thermostat 2.0 Brings New Energy-Saving Features

The Nest Thermostat has been available since last December. It has a number of very unique features that make it a great energy saver out of the gate. Now a software update that is automatically pushed out to Nest thermostats through their Wi-Fi internet connection brings enhanced capabilities.


The new software update Nest 2.0 includes:

  1. Enhanced Energy History, a more in-depth look at your usage
  2. Airwave, a specific energy-saving application for the cooling season
  3. Additional remote features via web, iPhone and Android
  4. Updated internal menus

The software update will be downloaded automatically over the next couple of days through the user’s Wi-Fi connection. Users should also be sure to update the applications on their mobile devices as well.           

Nest Labs was formed by industrial designers Tony Fadell and Matt Rogers, both formerly of Apple. They decided that applying some Silicon Valley magic to the lowly thermostat would attract tech-oriented homeowners concerned about saving energy and money and reducing their burden on the planet.
Perhaps most useful is the remote access feature that connects to Wi-Fi and allows you to program the thermostat with your iPhone or Android device. This means that you can check your thermostat or reset your temperature wherever you are, whether that’s in bed or a thousand miles away. These capabilities were upgraded in Nest 2.0.

Photo shows Nest Thermostat and iPhone app energy usage info graphics.  Courtesy Nest.

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