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Published April 24, 2013 06:15 AM

EV Range Anxiety Cure?

As an electric vehicle fan, I can appreciate the range anxiety concern. I am driving a Chevy Volt which is great since it has a range extending gasoline engine. Since I enjoy driving in in EV mode so much, and that range is only 35 - 40 miles for me, I decided to go all electric and ordered a Tesla Model S. This will be EV all the time, but with no on-board back up generator, will not be usable for really long trips until the charging infrastructure improves a lot. So I am keeping an older internal combustion engine car for use on long trips! 


ENN Affiliate TriplePundit reports on an approach to ending range anxiety for people who don't want, or can't keep an internal combustion engine back up car around:

Fiat and BMW feel your pain and have come up with a solution of sorts that might boost their EV sales: They will give customers free access to conventional gas-powered cars when they need them for long trips.

BMW's i3 electric car is entering the U.S. market this year, and will come with a free loaner conventional car for trips that exceed its 80- to 100-mile range. Customers also will have the option of adding a gasoline generator to the i3 for about $4,000, which would double its range. The retail price for the i3 is estimated at $42,000 to $48,000.

And Fiat is offering a free rental car through Enterprise for 12 days a year with the purchase of its 500e electric car. Production launch in the U.S. of the zero emission 500e began in 2012.

After just three months of driving EVs, SustainableBusiness says, people have much less "range anxiety," but "despite having to make few changes to their daily driving habits, they still want increased range."

Fiat 500 EV photo credit: Car Industry Analysis.

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