From: ENN Editor
Published January 26, 2015 08:39 AM

ENN Announces Release of New Mobile App!

This week ENN launches a new mobile app making it easier for you to connect with us and stay up to date with groundbreaking environmental news.

The Environmental News Network (ENN) is recognized as the most comprehensive and dependable online environmental news source. With almost twenty years of experience aggregating and producing original content for environmental experts and novices alike, ENN's mission is to inform, educate and inspire environmental discussion and action among its readers and contributors.

Because ENN recognizes that there is no lack of environmental news content but rather an overabundance of it, ENN gathers, filters and streamlines environmental news from affiliate networks and other news streams so as to consolidate and support better environmental decisions for an ever changing world. ENN’s core sources include major wire services, research institutions, and freelance and citizen journalists from around the world.

ENN is more than just a gatherer of environmental news but rather a unique set of resources, archives, tools, and experts for the increasingly complex field of environmental science attracting readers from all levels of government, business and academia.

We also encourage you to join the conversation by checking out our Community Blog and by connecting with us on Facebook.

You can install this great app by either of the following methods:

  1. Clicking on the direct link to the Apple store: 
  2. Opening the App Store application in your iOS device and searching either for "ENN" or "environmental news network".  It should be one of the top search results.  Make sure it has the logo displayed on the right.


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