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Published March 21, 2012 02:41 PM

Extreme Weather Makes a Convincing Case for Climate Change

The subject of extreme weather is of great importance because it provides a tangible illustration of climate change. The average person understands that the increasing number of record-breaking heat waves and tornadoes are more than isolated weather events, they reflect a changing climate. This point was born out in a recent study, which showed that more Americans are accepting the reality of climate change. According to a Brookings Institute poll, extreme weather is one of the most compelling reasons why more Americans are accepting climate change. The poll indicated that of those who believe in global warming, almost half said that they were primarily convinced by personal observations of warmer temperature or weather changes.


Extreme weather events help people to visualize climate change. The environmental organization understands the importance of drawing attention to the relationship between climate change and extreme weather events, which is why they are organizing an event on May 5, 2012, called Connect the Dots.

"This is no longer something that’s theory or conjecture or something that comes out of computer models,"  said Dr. Richard Somerville. "We’re observing the climate changing. It’s real. It’s happening. It’s scientific fact." Extreme weather helps people to see that this is not a prediction for the future, it is happening here and now.

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