From: Discovery News from AFP
Published July 8, 2012 08:22 AM

Flood hits Russian Town in Krasnodar Region

"Nobody came to our street to help. We need help," pensioner Lidiya Polinina told AFP by phone from Krymsk, the worst-hit town, recounting how she managed to survive the flood that has claimed over 100 lives.


TV footage showed brown water rushing down the town's streets, where bodies lay on the curbs, covered with dirty blankets. Trees were torn out, homes destroyed and giant slabs of asphalt thrown on top of cars.

"Our house was flooded to the ceiling," said Polinina.
"We could not open the door because of the water, so we broke the window to climb out," she said, seething with anger at what she said was the lack of help from the authorities.

"I put my five-year-old grandson on the roof of our submerged car, and then we somehow climbed up into the attic. I don't know how we managed to survive."

The floods left her house full of silt and debris, but did not knock it down, so she was turned away from the local emergency shelter with only two loaves of bread and a bottle of water, she said.

There had been no emergency warning about the flood, she said.

Photo of Russian flooding courtesy of  NOVOSTI.

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