From: Associated Press
Published April 29, 2005 12:00 AM

Swedish Government Approves Congestion Tax for Stockholm on Trial Basis

STOCKHOLM, Sweden — The Swedish government decided Thursday to introduce a congestion tax in the capital, Stockholm, for a six-month trial period starting Jan. 3, 2006.

The toll is designed to alleviate traffic congestion and stem pollution. Drivers entering the city will have to pay between 10 kronor (euro1.09, US$1.42) and 20 kronor (euro2.19, US$2.83), depending on the time of day.

The city plans to install devices around the city to read electronic tags on the cars. Every time a car is registered, a signal will be sent to a central computer, which will send a bill to the owner.

The trial period will end July 31, 2006. Six weeks later Stockholm residents will vote in a referendum on whether to make the toll permanent.

London successfully adopted a similar plan two years ago charging motorists on weekdays to enter a crowded 20-square-kilometer (eight-square-mile) zone that includes the bustling financial district.


Source: Associated Press

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