From: John Heilprin (AP), USA Today
Published May 6, 2009 10:24 AM

U.S. submits first plan for new U.N. climate treaty

UNITED NATIONS — The United States said Tuesday it would be committed to joining the world on a climate treaty with "robust targets and ambitious actions" against heat-trapping greenhouse gases.  But the formal U.S. submission to the United Nations on Tuesday offered no specifics for achieving a strategy for reducing emissions, which will be the topic of treaty talks in December in Copenhagen, Denmark.

The 21-page document represents President Barack Obama's first salvo in the negotiating process.


It says the U.S. is committed to reaching a new, international agreement "based on both the robust targets and ambitious actions that will be embodied in U.S. domestic law and on the premise that the agreement will reflect the important national actions of all countries with significant emissions profiles."

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