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Published November 15, 2012 02:01 PM

Survey finds men are more environmentally responsible car drivers than women

Male motorists are more likely to drive in a more environmentally friendly manner than females, according to the surprising results of a new survey. And more men than women say they will only use a car when cycling, public transport or walking are not an option. The new research, published today, also reveals that the rising cost of car ownership is forcing a new approach to mobility, with almost two-thirds (65 per cent) of UK drivers admitting that they have changed their motoring habits in light of the recession and rising fuel costs, and 30 per cent of motorists now only use their car for essential trips.


The survey from Enterprise Rent-A-Car also found that over a third of households (35 per cent) have downsized to just one vehicle and only four per cent of households are currently planning to buy a second car. Over one in 10 people now try to use public transport or cycle whenever they can, while a similar percentage have downsized to a smaller engine to save on insurance, fuel and running costs.

However, overall the UK’s need for motor vehicles remains as strong as ever: almost half of all car owners (46 per cent) drive every day and 35 per cent of those with one car admit they still need access to a second vehicle on many occasions – most commonly for commuting or weekend trips away and typically because their own car was not suitable for the trip.

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