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Published November 5, 2014 05:51 AM

Electric Vehicles and charging systems need to be moving forward in harmony

In many ways electric car technology jumped to far too quickly leaving behind electric vehicle charging systems which for many years have been totally inadequate. There has been major concern amongst motorists around the world that even the most technologically advanced electric vehicle would be unreliable if you are not able to charge it when and where you wanted. This has held the electric car industry for some time although thankfully governments around the world are now focusing upon electric car charging networks.

This then begs the question – could electric car chargers be the next growth industry?

New technology on the way

There is no doubt that technology relating to electric vehicle charging networks has improved dramatically even over last couple of years. We now have smart charging systems, innovative ideas such as using street lamps as charging units as well as some significant developments on the electric car battery front. While there is obviously going to be renewed interest in electric vehicles going forward, especially with more electric vehicle charging networks on the horizon, could the charging industry be the next big thing?

Non-car specific

The key to making big money in the EV charging industry is to make sure that each electric vehicle charging station can service the largest range of electric vehicles. This would ensure maximum efficiency, maximum penetration and also maximum return on investment. Whether these systems will service different vehicles using different leads or different connectors is neither here nor there, it is the ability to service different types of vehicles which will be key.

EV Charging station with multiple connectors image via Shutterstock.

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