From: Fast Company
Published January 21, 2009 09:11 AM

10 Best Green Jobs

There's been a lot of talk about how 'green' jobs are going to revive the U.S. workforce. But what will these jobs be?

Fast Company compiled a list of the "Ten Best Green Jobs for the Next Decade."

#1-- Farmer. The average age of the American farmer is nearing retirement age. A new generation of small-scale, local growers is needed.

#2-- Forester. The field has growing international significance as programs aim to finance, conserve and develop forests in developing nations.

#3-- Solar Power Installer. The Solar Energy Industries Association predicts an increase to over 110,000 good-paying jobs by 2016 and maybe more if anticipated tax credits are accelerated.

#4-- Energy Efficiency Builder. Obama's pledge to improve the energy efficiency of public buildings and homes could create almost a million jobs.

#5-- Wind Turbine Fabricator.  The wind industry reportedly added 10,000 new jobs in 2007 and it is the fastes growing source of alternative energy.


#6-- Conservation Biologist. For the academically minded, this field is beginning to grow as awareness grows about the value of the planet's ecosystems.

#7-- Green MBA and Entrepreneur. More and more, companies are beginning to understand that the values of sustainability are about survival, not just good press.

#8-- Recycler. Although the industry is currently in a downturn. Recycling is still more cost effective than waste disposal, and supportive regulations continue to increase.

#9-- Sustainability Systems Developer. These are the high-tech positions. Essentially computer information systems (CIS) designed for support energy efficiency and alternative energy supply.

#10-- Urban Planner. Large infrastructure changes are needed to transition to less carbon intensive lifestyles and to prepare for climate change.

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