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Published October 21, 2011 01:07 PM

A Green Super Yacht on Steroids?

There was the Super Nova 60, the world’s first carbon neutral megayacht. Then there was the 72-foot Emax Excalibur, which represented the first step in the maritime industry towards the production of post-carbon yachts. But forget about those – the folks at Sauter Carbon Offset Design and their building partners Ned Ship Group say the latest in their series of green yacht concepts is "the fastest and greenest superyacht in the world."


The $40 million Emax E-Volution, which we spotted on Wired’s Autopia, of course comes tricked out with all the luxury extras any self-respecting yachting tycoon would demand. But let’s focus on what’s said to make this indulgence green: 2 megawatts (MW) of renewable energy generating capacity, using wind, solar and wave power; battery storage capacity (which acts as ballast) for 3 MW of energy; and, if all that isn’t enough, 2 MW of power from MTU 2000 Series Tier 4i engines, the cleanest marine diesels on the market.

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