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Published May 11, 2012 06:10 AM

Highlights of Cleantech in Dubai

The United Arab Emirates, much like some of the other countries throughout the Middle East, is doing what it can to ensure it becomes much more energy efficient and starts using more renewable sources of energy. Dubai, much like its neighbor Abu Dhabi, is doing what it can to ensure the entire state becomes much more clean technology friendly. This includes adopting initiatives, creating organizations dedicated to renewable energy and energy efficiency, and creating new project to help the state reach its renewable energy and energy efficient goals. Listed below are just ten of the highlights of clean technology in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.


1 ) Dubai Targets Five Percent Renewable Energy by 2030

A majority of the existing power supply in Dubai comes from natural gas and the energy demands in the state have increased over the last ten years because of megaprojects as well as a growth in high-rise buildings. In 2010, officials announced new power types to diversity energy sources in Dubai. One of the latest plans is to have five percent of the power supply come from renewable sources of energy by the year 2030. This will help the United Arab Emirates’ overall goal when it comes to renewable energy use.

2 ) Recycle Dubai

Recycle Dubai is an organization that looks to "provide a service that will promote sustainability, inevitably decrease waste and carbon footprint on the environment." Recycle Dubai looks to become a primary entity in Dubai to provide eco-friendly solutions for both residents and commercial businesses. For example, services for businesses include picking up old paper to be recycled, including magazines, cardboard boxes, and old brochures, as well as providing an environmental consultancy service.

Dubai downtown night scene via Shutterstock.

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