From: Reuters
Published September 28, 2004 12:00 AM

California Curbs Cruise Ship Pollution Near Shore

SAN FRANCISCO — Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger signed legislation on Thursday that would ban cruise ships from incinerating trash or dumping used shower and sink water within three miles of the California coast.

California, often a U.S. state pioneer in environmental protection legislation, already regulates cruise ship release of hazardous waste and sludge into its waters.

The latest measure seeks to protect the air from incineration on ships carrying more than 250 passengers and from the dumping of graywater — shower, laundry, bath and washbasin draining — within three miles of California.

"There has never been a bill like this graywater bill passed in any state," said Sam Haswell, a spokesman for environmental group Oceana.

An aide said Schwarzenegger was also expected soon to sign a third bill that could bar cruise ship dumping of sewage near the shore.

California is the second largest U.S. market for cruise passengers.


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