From: Reuters
Published April 27, 2005 12:00 AM

Kangaroo Leather Sales Bill Advances in California

SAN FRANCISCO — California lawmakers gave initial approval Tuesday to a bill that would lift the state's blanket ban on the sale of products made from kangaroo leather.

The state Assembly's committee on water, parks and wildlife passed a bill that would allow the sale of products using leather from kangaroo species that are not endangered.

Many California retailers already sell such products, which include sport shoes, not knowing it is illegal to do so.

"The bill would essentially allow business owners in California to legally do what others in 49 states do," said Democratic Assemblywoman Nicole Parra, the author of the bill.

Selling products that include leather from endangered species of kangaroo would remain illegal under Parra's bill. The bill now goes to the full Assembly for consideration.


Source: Reuters

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