From: Paul Geary, ENN
Published March 10, 2005 12:00 AM

Saving at the Pump

With oil prices holding steady at more than $50 per barrel, gas prices have headed well north of $2 in most of the US and could hit $3 in the nation's typically high-price areas this summer.

ENN's Jerry Kay spoke with Kateri Callahan, President of the Alliance to Save Energy, on ways you can combat the high price of gasoline.

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Callahan mentioned that the best thing to do is to buy a hybrid vehicle such as a Toyota Prius, which gets more than 50 miles per gallon.

However, if you can't afford a new car right now, simple things such as routine mainetance can help improve the mileage on the car you already have. Also, curtailing aggresive driving can help: Every mile an hour you drive over 60 is equivalent to increasing the price of gas by 10 cents per gallon.

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Also, you can get more information about saving energy on the Alliance to Save Energy's website:

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