From: Paul Geary, ENN
Published May 9, 2005 12:00 AM

EarthNews Radio: Cultural Diversity

When we think of "biodiversity," we generally think about the varying plants and animals on the planet. However, there are different levels of biodiversity, including human cultural diversity.

Jerry Kay spoke to Dr. Healy Hamilton of the Center for Biodiversity Research and Information at the California Academy of Sciences.

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Hamilton says that diversity includes the cultural diversity that is the history, language, and practices of a culture. Within the human species, our biodiversity includes written and oral traditions, and the different ways a culture might use plants and animals for medicine. We're losing this diversity, however.

This loss, happening at the rate of one culture per year, is tragic, says Hamilton. Biodiversity within the human species needs protection.

You can learn more about this and many other topics at the California Academy of Sciences website here:

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